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There are plenty of programs offered by dental consultants who claim to solve your problems. While you may learn some important information, we've found that unfortunately many of these programs are flawed from the very start.
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Dental Coaching Success

Most change fails at the implementation step. Consider this:

- How many people do you feel would like to lose 10 or more pounds? A lot!
- How many of those people know how to lose the weight? All of them! Eat healthier, and exercise more often.
- How many people fail at their goal to lose weight? Most.

You see people knew what they needed to do, and they even knew how to do it. But implementation did not occur. The simple conundrum service is one of the pillars of our system of coaching. You see, if a consulting service simply gathers data and then tells you how to fix or script things, change often times will not happen. That's why our system is based on a series all-day in-office visits over time. This way we can aid in the implementation steps to make sure change happens.

Is Your Dental Practice Ready to Grow?

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Create a Prosperity Mindset in Your Practice

Success in your business, and even in your life, often comes down to two things: knowing what to do… and doing it. It sounds so simple—most of us, with a little coaxing, can list the things we need to do to be successful—but many people get in the way of their own success and simply don't do what needs to be done.

You already have everything you need to create a life of wealth, happiness, and peace of mind. You just need a little help to uncover that hidden potential, and a system to help you do what you already know you should be doing. It comes down to mindset, and that's where AMP thrives. Want to be nice to have a coach by your side, available any time for a quick chat, video call, or in person visit? Even the highest performing athletes in the world have coaches. It's comforting to have someone to turn to help you achieve your business goals.

Get the Right Training You Need for Success

To help you attain your goals and continue down the path to success, we focus on simple, implementable goals rather than complicated solutions.

This ensures that the answers to your problems don’t overwhelm you and end up on a shelf collecting dust.

When implemented, we know that your dental practice can grow. We’re confident in the training we provide because we have proven its success with many practices across the country. We are happy to provide you with a long list of clients whom you can contact and hear their stories.

Stay Up To Date and Implement Change

Unlike most other programs, we believe that to be truly successful in implementing our processes and achieving your goals, you need continued support.

As business owners, we’re all in favor of increased profits, but sometimes a busy schedule and the stresses of work can make reaching the necessary goals seem too hard to accomplish. That's why we offer our clients the tools to remain focused and consistent.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Ready to see how we are able to consistently drive new growth for our clients?

AMP Process FAQs

It’s normal for you to have questions about AMP and what we do. You’re going to spend money on a dental consultant, so you need to ensure that they make good on their promises. We focus on all aspects of the practice. Many people have questions, and we hope these help you realize why you should request a Growth Call from AMP.

Q: Does AMP Stay With Me Throughout the Experience?
A: Yes. Many dental coaches just tell you what to do and leave you to get it done. AMP doesn’t use that tactic. Instead, we are with you each step of the way. We make sure you’re doing things in the right order to achieve success. Ultimately, this means that we’re on your side, and you can call us anytime you need assistance. You’ve always got someone to lean on when you need it most.

Q: Why Do I Need Specific Goals and Targets?
Goals are the lifeblood of your practice. Without them, you don’t have anything to work toward, and the practice becomes stagnant. We see it happen all the time. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong. However, you need clear objectives written out with simple steps to complete and attain them. AMP can help you do this in a way that’s going to boost revenue. That way, you make more money, and everyone is happier.

Q: What If I Don’t Understand the Reports You Give Me?
Many dental coaches promise to send you reports to mark progress and measure success. However, they’re garbled and confusing to understand. This does nothing for you, and AMP doesn’t do that. Instead, we use easy-to-read formats and explain everything in the report. It’s not always a monthly thing; sometimes, we send them weekly or as often as necessary for you to feel comfortable about our services. That way, you can see how we’re improving your dental office!

Q: How Is AMP Different?
Many times, a dental practice consultant tells you what works for other practices. We take a hands-on and personalized approach. Ultimately, we assess your needs, help you figure out goals, and then find ways to make them happen. Also, we are there each step of the way, so you’re never alone in your efforts.

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Are you ready to get more patients into the dental chair each day? If so, now is the time to work with AMP. We know what you’re going through because many on our team are or were dentists.

The dental industry is changing, and if you want to be on top, you’ve got to start showing it. We can help you reach your goals and see more patients. Please request a Growth Call today. From there, we can figure out the right approach for you and help you reach your goals and achieve all of your dreams! Call today to learn more!