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We help dentists grow their dental practices and achieve their personal dreams and business goals. Our team helps train our clients so they can lead their staff implement our strategies and optimize their office.
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The AMP Guarantee

In the industry for 25 years has left me with many stories to tell. I have heard plenty of feedback from Doctors that a lot of organizations sadly offer little value for what they charge. I refuse to add Accelerate My Practice to that list.

Our promise to you and your dental practice is to bring quick and profound results into your practice. The methods we implement in dental practices are guaranteed to provide lasting change long after we're in your office. Whenever the day comes that we are no longer in your practice, we're still only a phone call away.

This promise is backed by 10+ years of client success. Every one of our clients will see a significant return on investment, given our normal return is 5x our rates.

This is my pledge to you and your team. Call me directly, we're a family here and love growing that circle. Let's talk about the lasting change we will bring to your dental practice

Darren Kaberna

Founder of Accelerate My Practice

Darren was raised on a farm in northern Wisconsin. He started his first business at 14 years of age. While in high school he took his earnings and invested them in the stock market and was able to get through college in 4 years without any debt. 

He joined the National Ski Patrol at 17 years of age and then attended the University of Wisconsin he received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry.
During college he was determined to have a great job prior to graduating and accomplished this goal in March of his senior year by getting hired by Patterson Dental. He was sent to Dayton, Ohio to start learning the business of dentistry. While working full time, Darren enrolled in Graduate school to get his MBA. During his MBA work, he did consulting for companies as large as GE as well as non- profits such as We Care Arts.

He completed his MBA in Finance and Marketing in 2 years with his Masters Thesis in Retirement Planning. After having been in Ohio for 7 years, he and his wife, Christine, moved to Woodland Park, CO where he had to start his business over again with Patterson Dental. In a relatively short period of time, he was able to build it up so that he was the top sales representative within Colorado for Patterson.

Darren has 3 young boys born in 2008, 2010, and 2012 which keep him active. As they get older, he is looking forward to many activities with them - skiing/ snowboarding, hiking, camping, hunting and other activities that they enjoy.

Wanting to make a bigger impact on the lives of others, he decided to start his own business coaching on the best business practices that he has combined with 15 years in the dental industry along with his MBA. Now he is impacting lives of both doctors and their staff all over the country, not only improving dental practices by helping people achieve their dreams. If you would like to see how, attend a workshop; it will change your life!

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