Dental coaching is essential for dentists everywhere, and AMP can help you focus your attention on all aspects of your practice. Everyone wonders if they need a consultant to help them, and that often comes at a time where things aren’t going well.
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Ultimately, you don’t know if spending money is the right choice right now, but you’ve got to do something. You may have financial problems or find that your dental office marketing isn’t taking off the way you hoped. When you look at dental coaching communication as an investment, you realize that we’re here because we want to help. AMP is going to continue communicating with you and your staff and be part of the team. We aren’t here to sell you an expensive package and then leave you to fare for yourself.

Instead, we are right there in the office working with you and the staff. It’s our goal that everyone is trained thoroughly so that they can be more successful and a significant part of the business.

Communication is essential, and we’re here to ensure that it continues. You need to talk to your team, they need to feel comfortable discussing things with you, and we’re there to make sure it all happens.

Various Ways We Communicate

Whenever we’re hired as your dental coach, we focus more on communication than the competition. We understand that you can’t know what to do or where to go if it isn’t explained to you.

This also means you’re going to have questions along the way. We schedule a time to be in the office, but we can’t be there 24/7. Therefore, you need to be able to talk to us when something arises. In a sense, we’re an ear to help you vent and release pent-up stress. When you do speak to us, we listen and focus on your needs. Ultimately, this means understanding what you’re upset about and finding solutions to those problems. It all comes down to you knowing that AMP is there for you. We do that in various ways, but ultimately, it’s about listening and being there for you to talk to.

Communication is the backbone of everything we do. We’re good at our job because we care and listen to all of your concerns, questions, and fears while working on ways to solve those problems.


Most dentists don’t feel that they have a lot of time to communicate with AMP or their team. However, when you’ve got a question or concern, it’s important to deal with it. Email is often the go-to choice for busy dentists.

You can email us anytime, and we read our electronic mail often throughout the day. However, you may find that you send an email at 2 a.m. because you just remembered something important. That works too! When we open for business, someone is going to see it and get back to you during regular business hours.


Phone communication is probably the most effective, and it’s what most dentists use when they contact AMP. There’s something so comforting in knowing that you can pick up a phone and talk to a live person about what’s troubling you.

When you hire AMP as your dental coaching specialists, we give you our phone number so that you can call anytime. It’s important for us that you feel comfortable and know that we’re available to talk.

Ultimately, this means you have various ways to communicate with us when the need arises. We know this is sure to happen multiple times because you’ve got questions and concerns. Since you hired a coach, you know things could be better and want to improve all aspects of your dental practice.

Video Chat

Have you ever been in such a panic that you wanted to see a friendly face? With AMP, we offer video chat so that you can see and hear us. It’s almost like we’re there with you. This service is comforting to many of our clients, and it helps us understand you a bit better, too.

When you can see the face of an AMP expert, it helps you focus and become calmer. With that, you can discuss your concerns and can see our response and body language. You’ve always got AMP on your side, and we’re always ready to assist you.

In-Office Communications

The most important aspect of communication is for AMP to be there beside you. While you work, we’re there to help you focus on what’s important. This may mean helping with daily mini-meetings, often called huddles. A team member is there for most of the day to talk to the staff about training and other needs.

Ultimately, this is our chance to see you all in motion. You’re doing specific things, and they should improve morale and boost productivity. When we notice something that doesn’t seem right, we can bring it to your attention.

The staff members are also allowed to discuss things with us, which gives us more insight into what they do and how things could be improved. That way, your team feels confident that we’re listening and we care. This also means that you know everyone is on board and wants to improve the practice. After all, they work there, too, and if it flounders, they could be out of a job.

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Why Open Communication Is Important

With open communication, your employees can understand that they are integral for the dental practice to succeed. They’re more engaged in the business because they have something to lose. You show them that they’re important, and without them, you couldn’t stay open or do your job effectively.

Ultimately, open communication helps with productivity, teamwork, and more feedback. The staff feels comfortable talking to you (or AMP) about their needs and what they want to see for the company. From there, they focus on being part of the team and working hard to be better.

This also leads to more job satisfaction, so morale within the dental practice is improved. From all this, we can help you see who influences the rest of the team. That could mean giving them a promotion to team leader or becoming a manager. Regardless, everyone knows where their strengths are and focuses on that aspect to boost revenue.

Practicing Dentistry Is Expensive

As a modern-day dentist, you are faced with making a profit, recruiting patients, retaining your staff, and buying state-of-the-art equipment. You’re also focused on infection-control and best practices throughout the practice. These all require money, and it gets expensive quickly.

Though you may not think that communication should cost a lot, too, we recognize the needs and shortcomings of dental practices. That means we can help you improve in those areas and become better through training and correct marketing.

Higher expenses and decreased revenues bring you stress. However, having the right coach by your side is going to help you survive and work on thriving and growing your practice. This is what we do, and we’re very good at it. When you hire AMP, you get a service that doesn’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Why You Should Consult with the Experts at AMP

It’s important to understand why you should use AMP as your coach and consultant. We bring so much to the table, and we’re there for you each step of the way. With us by your side, here are a few of the perks you’re going to get:

We See the Whole Picture

As the dentist and owner of the practice, you are spread thin. You can’t keep track of everything that happens, and you often focus on one or two areas. With us right there beside you, we can see the entire picture. We know what’s going to work because we’ve been in the business for many years.

With that, we focus on your needs and can help you understand how each person and area play a role. That way, you get a better idea of what you should be doing and how you can improve. This ultimately means more revenue and better training for your staff.

We Focus on the Team Members

You have to know by now that the team members you employ are the key to your success. When you bring in great talent, the right dental practice training is necessary. Also, you want them to be part of the decision-making process to make it easier for them to want to change and embrace it.

Hiring us as your dental coach ensures that we bring everyone together. We listen to the staff and take their suggestions and concerns to heart. From there, we can get everyone on the same page. Once that happens, success is in the bag, and we’re there to point you in the right direction.

Improved Skills for Effective Communication

As a dentist, you have to communicate with everyone, including the patients, employees, and equipment vendors. You’re used to it, but you could always improve. However, the staff must also talk to each other and you to ensure everything flows, and there aren’t any misunderstandings.

When you bring AMP on board, we also talk to you and the staff. That way, we get the whole picture from everyone. Then, we use our communication skills to explain everything to you so that you have a clear idea of what needs to happen.

The good news is we’re on your side and always there for assistance. You can call, chat, or email us your questions or concerns and know that someone is going to get back to you quickly.

Dental Consulting Communication FAQs

When it comes to hiring a dental consultant or coach, there are many things to consider. You’re wondering if this expense is going to benefit you. Therefore, you’ve got questions, and we can help you answer them. You may also call to get answers if you’re still unsure after reading our FAQs.
Q: What Does a Dental Coach Do?
A: Dental coaches are there to make your work easier. At AMP, we focus on your needs and where improvements should be made. This often means being at the office to watch what the team does. We strive to help you learn what you need to know to become great at marketing yourself and dealing with everything that comes from owning a private dental practice. This includes HR, equipment purchases, financials, and everything else.
Q: Why Do You Need Dental Coaching?
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Q: What Makes AMP Different than Other Consultants?
A: A consultant often comes into the office knowing the solution to your problem before they speak to you. They focus on everything and evaluate as a critic instead of a coach. As coaches, we’re prepared to be your mutual partner so that your dental practice has a clear path to success. Our approach is on coaching and not consulting to be more personal. This includes in-office evaluations, face-to-face meetings, and getting to know your dental team.
Q: Why Is AMP an Expert in the Dental Industry?
A: AMP is full of the most innovative experts in the dental industry. Our team has more than 100 years of experience as dentists, so we know the issues and challenges you face. While things have evolved over the years, our team keeps track of the trends to fully understand the ins and outs of the field. This means you have a coach that meets all of your needs and focuses on your unique problems to offer solutions.

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AMP is Here to Improve Your Team’s Communication

You’ve probably been wondering what makes AMP different than other consulting companies. It’s because we are your coaches. Consulting focuses on being in the background and coming up with a solution that fits most businesses. As your coach, AMP is right there with you. We’re in the office, but you can also talk to us via phone or email. Since we make ourselves available, you’re going to find that your team’s communication skills become improved with time.

We’re right at the forefront of helping you, and this means we hear things. Ultimately, we talk to every team member and find out what they like, what they don’t like, and get plenty of feedback. Then, we work on communication between you and the staff. If you’re ready to focus on communication and being a successful team, give us a call.

You’ve got trusted professionals on your side with AMP. We’re ready to help you boost communication within your tight-knit group of employees so that everyone’s voice is heard. That’s the only way success can be achieved!