The AMP team is here to help you grow your dental practice's new patient flow and improve profitability. Our in-house training and coaching process is the answer you've been looking for. Contact us today to get started!
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How does AMP accomplish growth for their clients?

We teach our clients how a consumer thinks and how they make purchasing decisions for all products. This allows a dental office to communicate the way a consumer is used to be engaged by companies. The end result, the patient becomes more excited about what the service the dental office is providing and thus acceptance increases.

I am a family dentist, can AMP help me?

If you have the desire to grow your practice into a more elective vs insurance driven practice, YES!!! We teach consumer thinking and help you compete for a patientʼs discretionary spending.

My practice is undergoing a lot of changes lately and I am not sure if now is a good time to start with AMP, what do you think?

Very good question. If you are in the process of firing several staff members, then probably not. However, if you either just hired several staff members or are getting ready to, then YES. Here is why. When recruiting new employees, do you want them to experience negative energy within your office and get started with a negative impression? Probably not!! We will help you transform your office energy into something amazing which will allow you recruit and retain higher caliber employees. We will also show you how to recruite higher caliber team members.

I have been in practice 30 years and plan to retire soon, can AMP help me?

If you want to get top dollar for the sale of your practice, then YES!! When most doctors get to the end of their career, they typically let their practice value slide and then are disappointed with the appraised value. We will help keep the energy and revenue high.

I have a very new practice or just opened it, does it make sense to get involved with AMP now or wait?

It is never too early to put good systems in place, in fact it would seem crazy to wait!! If you saw a need for dentistry in a patients mouth, would you recommend they wait to see what happens in a year? Probably not, you know what will happen, it will get worse. Business is the same, be proactive and get the results you want now!!! Why wait?

I am an oral surgeon that primarily does extractions, can AMP help me?

If you only want to do extractions, NO. If you want to get into more elective surgeries (orthognathic surgery or implant placement) we can help you make the change. Remember we help with the presentation of elective procedures.

I am an endodontist, can AMP help me?

If you place implants, YES. If not, maybe. Do you find that your patients are committed to your procedure or are they unsure of how they want to proceed? If they are committed to the endo and you donʼt place implants, maybe. If you find your patients arenʼt committed, then YES!!

I am an orthodontist, can AMP help me?

Absolutely!!!! I would assume most of your patients consider their orthodontic treatment to be elective.

My practice is a heavy insurance practice, how can AMP help me?

We teach consumer thinking and how patients make decisions. Even if you want to remain a heavy insurance practice, you still have to get acceptance on the co-pay. We can help you with this for sure.

You state that you have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee, what exactly does that mean?

AMP promises to double your investment in growth over the next 12 months from your agreed upon baseline net production. We will either beat this within our contractual year or continue until we do so at no additional expense. No hassle. No brain damage. Just an unconditional guarantee to eliminate the risk.