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As a dentist of a private practice, it’s up to you to focus on marketing yourself. However, the ways of doing this have changed. Ultimately, it’s time to take a step back and make sure the processes you’re using are up to today’s standards.
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For most dentists, that means hiring a dental practice consultant to help with everything. At Accelerate My Practice, we take a hands-on approach to dental coaching to provide you with the right tools and information to make the changes necessary.

Sometimes, that means tweaking what you’re already doing in terms of dental practice training and dentist marketing. However, it could also require you to do a significant overhaul of everything to get things going and keep them from being stale.

Your dental practice is much different from the guy down the street, so you’ve got to focus on a dental coaching company that understands your uniqueness and helps you improve.

Accelerate My Practice (AMP) is a top dental coaching service in the US and offers customized plans to help with your specific challenges. We can develop a personalized treatment plan for your office. This is actually similar to what you do for your clients. You aren’t going to give everyone who comes in a root canal. Therefore, you should make sure that the dental coach you hire tailors everything to meet your needs.

Why Is a Dental Practice Audit Important?

During the analysis phase, we take into account everything that you do. This includes the training you provide to your employees, how you handle clients, and the methods you use for marketing.

Right now, though, you’re probably wondering why you should get a dental practice audit from AMP. There are many reasons to do this. For example, you’re going to figure out where you can expand and grow, what works for you, and where improvements are necessary. This not only benefits you, but it also helps the rest of the team, such as dental hygienists, receptionists, and others working in the building.

You’ve got to understand where you’re at right now, but you also have to figure out how to improve in all areas. That’s the only way you’re going to stay on top of it and beat the competition. A quick search is going to show you how many dental practices are in your area. This indicates how many clients may leave you. Prospects need to see your dental office as the best, and you can’t do that without hiring a dental practice consultant.

Uncovers Biggest Areas of Opportunities for Growth

You’re probably thinking to yourself that things are going good. However, if you continue what you’ve been doing, what is your practice going to look like next year or in five years? Things are evolving all the time, so you’ve got to stay on top of it all.

When you hire AMP as your consultant, we’re going to analyze all aspects of your practice. This is going to uncover some of those areas that aren’t doing the best. From there, we can help you find opportunities for growth. That could be something as simple as creating a website or buying a new piece of equipment to offer more services.

Corrects Inefficiencies to Maximize Profit

Almost every dental practice has specific ways of doing things, but they can lead to inefficiencies. For example, if your receptionist has to go in the back to get patient data, it causes a bottleneck. People have to wait longer and may get the wrong impression of the practice.

Other things can include having the tools you use often right there where you need them. Everything makes a difference, and it’s our job to determine what inefficiencies there are and how to make changes. When that happens, you’re going to be more profitable.

These small things may not seem like much to you, but fixing them and making those changes are going to help you raise profit margins. That should be your ultimate goal after providing great customer service.

Improves Team Morale and Work Environment

A dental practice analysis is going to boost team morale and improve the work environment. When everyone can work proficiently, they’re going to get more done, which leads to them feeling better and more motivated to continue.

If the office isn’t streamlined, the employees are going to feel bogged down. It could lead to more stress, which can cause people to dislike their jobs or wonder if they’ve made the right career path. When you fix those inefficiencies, everyone feels better. They know you care about them and are improving things because of them, so they’re willing to put in the effort, too.

Roadmap to Success

The analysis that we provide to you is your roadmap to success. When we know what goes on at the team level, we can provide a customized plan to help with your current and future dental marketing needs. You can have better advertisements, and show yourself in the best light.

However, it also shows us where dental team training can be improved. When you’re investing in your team’s future, it makes them want to stay with you and grow. This ultimately means people leave you less often, and you’re not scrambling to fill a position with new talent.

Hiring a dental practice consultant ensures that we understand what goes on in the office. From there, we can analyze everything and give you a list of changes that are bound to improve things. It doesn’t stop there, though. We also offer ways to improve and how to do it. These dental consultations may be plentiful in the beginning, but it opens a door for us to see what goes on. Then, we can make suggestions and tell you how things are going to get better.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Common Dental Management Issues

The problem with dental management is that you probably don’t have much experience. You primarily help the customers, and you’re not the best at marketing and training the rest of the staff. Still, you’ve got to do it all if you want to succeed.

Most dentists don’t realize that they’re not alone. Other dental practices in the area are floundering, too. The only difference between you and them is that you want to make improvements. With AMP on your side, you’re going to see marked improvements because you’ve taken the first step to get an analysis of your situation. While other practices might want to do that, they may not know where to go, so we’re like your secret weapon.

These things do happen to many dentists, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up. You’re taking the first step to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

How Healthy Is Your Dental Practice?

As a dentist, it’s your goal to keep your patients healthy, and you focus primarily on their teeth and gums. If they have a problem, you’re going to tell them about it and explain it. Then, you’re going to figure out the right treatment for them.

In a sense, we do the same thing at AMP. Like you check the patient’s gums and teeth, we go through your dental practice training, dentist marketing strategies, and everything else. The analysis phase is where we gather all of the information. From there, we can tell you how ‘healthy’ your practice is and what can be improved.

You get insights into the practice from a different point of view. Often, this is the first step for significant change. If you’re not afraid, you can do great things.

Dental Practice Strategic Analysis Goals

You’ve got goals just like every other dentist out there. However, you may not know what they are or how to attain them. This is where AMP shines. We analyze your practice and help you figure it all out. To do that, it takes a bit of work from both of us.

Identify Your Core Values

You’ve got to know what your core values are. If you’re not sure, we are going to analyze the practice thoroughly. From there, we can see what you are all about and where you shine. Usually, dentists focus on providing the best care to their patients. This can be a core value, and then you’ve got to define that.

The best way to achieve your analysis goals is to be open-minded. We may say or recommend some things that are out of your comfort zone, but to achieve greatness, you must be willing to take a few risks.

Find out Where Improvements can be Made

Ultimately, our goal for this strategic analysis is to find out what you do, why you do it, and where you’re most successful. Once we’ve done that, the mindset shifts to improving in all areas. You are sure to do some things very well. We might suggest that you start with things that aren’t faring well. This could be training, marketing, or something else.

When those things are doing well, then it’s time to focus on improving everything even more. There’s always a chance to be better. If you want to continue succeeding with the dental practice, you’ve got to put in the work.

KPI Analytics Allows for Data-Driven Decisions

Analytics isn’t easy, and most dentists don’t know how to start. That’s because this isn’t your field of excellence. You’re there to treat patients and give them healthier teeth and gums. It’s our job to focus on analytics and help you make the right decisions.

KPI (key performance indicators) are the quantifiable measures that you use to measure your performance with time. We use them extensively to evaluate your success as a dental practice or in various departments.

With these key performance indicators, we can use that information to provide data-driven management. That way, you can make the right decisions about marketing, training, and everything else. Though you may not know how it all works, that’s why AMP is here. We’re going to focus on the KPI, big data, and help you figure out how to piece it all together.

Dental Practice Evaluation FAQs

We realize that you have many questions about the dental practice evaluation and analysis. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few commonly asked questions and answers. Feel free to call us to ask anything we haven’t already covered because we want you to have the information needed to make the right choice.
Q: What if the Staff Members Resist Being Trained On New Processes?
A: Dental practice training is essential, though it may seem like the staff members can’t be trained right now. Everyone can improve if they put in the effort and listening. Ultimately, the best thing to do is motivate your employees. When they see that you’re willing to give them support and help them succeed, they want to do better and be more productive. Our analysis of your training methods is just the beginning, but it’s a great place to start.
Q: Is Dental Marketing Going to Work for My Office?
A: Marketing your business is always important, regardless of the industry. As a dentist, you must get the word out about what you do and offer. That way, people become interested and decide to switch to your practice. With our consultation and analysis, we can help you figure out the best way to market your office.
Q: What Consulting Services does AMP Offer?
A: We offer full-service coaching to focus on each aspect of your business. It takes time to develop a customized plan for the front office, cashflow, case acceptance, hygiene, and all the rest. Ultimately, it all starts with the analysis of your business.
Q: What’s Your Three-Step Process?
A: Our Three-Step Process starts with psychology, which promotes lasting change in the team’s behaviors. From there, we look at the methods and systems in place to help with training. Then, in-office coaching is used to help you implement everything we talk about during the analysis.

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