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Let our in-office team train and implement proven strategies that will help your dental practice grow. Generate steady a steady flow of new patients while your office learns how to increase profit!
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Sustained growth every month is the product of proven systems, clinical efficiencies, and a happy staff.
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Reduce Your Stress

We meet many doctors who are working harder and harder and yet producing less and less.
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Increase Your Profits

Wouldn't it be nice to have less financial stress? We can help manage debt and reach your goals.

There Are Many Dental Practice Consulting Services. How Shall I Choose?

There are many types of dental practice consulting. Some are focused on scripts. Others are all about the numbers. Yet others promise all sorts of new patients or the elimination of in-network insurance. Our research shows that these “single-issue” approaches often times will fail.

This is where Accelerate My Practice is different. Our in-office coaching process starts with a two-way interview, where we assure a proper fit and discuss goals. In coaching, we focus on all the PEOPLE of the office, including the doctor. We customize our approach to meet your unique needs, all the while helping to reduce stress while increasing production and collections.

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How Does AMP Grow Your Dental Practice?

We will take a good hard look at every single aspect of your dental practice, and assess everything from the new patient phone call, to how your schedule runs, to your case presentations.

We will help you to move away from many of the issues that hold offices back, like dependency on insurance and patients “thinking about” their treatment plans.

AMP’s client growth average, in collections year to date, is $328,322.92
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What to Expect Working with AMP

Let's be honest: in your current patient pool there is no doubt a huge amount of treatment that has been recommended but not completed. Why? Many will blame external forces, such as “the economy” or "insurance" or other issues over which they have no control. Frankly, that’s the easy way out. We will help you throw these excuses in the garbage and take control of your future.

Our individual tutoring for you and your staff members is the key. We will coach you on case presentations and using narratives that are helpful to encourage patients to say “yes” to your dental health recommendations. Imagine what would happen if each of your treatment plans was for complete care, not just individual procedures. Now imagine what would happen if many more of your patients started agreeing to these treatment plans.
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Trusted by Dental Practices Nationwide

Since 2011, our mission has been to provide customized coaching strategies and cutting edge business solutions to all of our clients. See how we've been able to help these doctors realize and exceed their goals. 
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Dental Client Testimonial - Minchow
5 out of 5
“I truly believe that AMP was a Godsend. they exceeded my expectations and more. Making us more efficient and just a better business. We had so much room to grow, they’ve helped us so much that we’re paying for our building now and it’s easy. It’s a weight off of my shoulders.”
~ Dr. Mark Minchow
Seward Dental Clinic, P.C.
Dental Client Testimonial - Jones
5 out of 5
“It’s really improved our practice. The one on one you get with your coach has really boosted my confidence as well as the teams. We have patients that are accepting treatment left and right. The practice is definitely going in the right direction and we couldn’t have done it without our coach and AMP. We are very very pleased.”
~ Dr. Melissa Jones
Jones Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Client Testimonial - Fisher
5 out of 5
“First AMP help increase my monthly production by 20%, then the next month another higher 20%. Reaching the highest production in one month so far in 23 years in my practice. But more than that, AMP helped all my staff improve themselves through their unique approach. Thanks for the partnership."
~ Dr. Fisher
Dental Practice Owner

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Ready to see how we are able to consistently drive new growth for our clients?
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Our all new Virtual Reinvention Course was developed to give dentists the tools they need to identify and implement healthy mental habits in their office.

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Running a profitable dental office is much easier when you're able to utilize these helpful resources and tools that AMP has made available.

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Meet the AMP Team

Accelerate My Practice has been providing customized dental coaching and training to dentists across the United States for over 10 years.

Our team is ready to help you implement our proven strategies that will help your dental practice grow and become easier to manage effectively.
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read "habitude"? Is it a habit, is it attitude or is it something else? Habit hab·it/ˈhabət/ noun1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Definitions from Oxford Languages Now, start spitting out all of your habits. […]
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The Dental Patient Doesn't Care How Much You Know...

UNTIL the Dental Patient Knows How Much You Care! Recently one of our coaches was in an office listening to the doctor present a case to a very backed-up individual. Shockingly, the patient did not accept treatment. Here is the story. A snowbird dental patient visiting the warm weathered community called this office for an […]
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Dental Dreary Months

The cold, rainy, snowy, ugly dreary dental months happen every year. The days are shorter, the nights are longer and many of us just yearn for this to reverse. We're waiting for that daylight savings day. How many of you feel like your dental practice lives in these dreary months year-round? Dentists are highly trained […]
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The Insurance Paradox

Let's talk insurance and tools to use to get past the general feeling about it. Here is an exercise that I do with dental offices all around the country. We sit in a group, and we play a word association game.  I will say a word, and then you immediately say the first word that […]
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A Win-Win Situation

At AMP, one of our primary roles is to identify areas of opportunity at dental practices. It's no secret that in most practices there is a lot of treatment that is recommended but goes undone. Sometimes, the amount of this is shocking. I have seen practices with literally millions of dollars of treatment that was […]
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