Dental Consulting

Our way of in office dental consulting, is portrayed more as coaching. We help clients attain goals and continue down the path to success. We focus on simple, implementable goals rather than complicated solutions. We offer our clients the tools to remain focused and consistent.

Coaching vs Consulting


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Building better relationships personally and professionally

Dental Industry Experts

The most innovative experts on the market. Over 100 years of experience.

Practice Performance Analysis

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The Truth about Dental Coaching

Providing superior, customized, elite dental coaching strategies and cutting edge business solutions to our clients. Empowering clients to attain their personal and professional goals. 

“Hands down the #1 tool any practice needs. No matter if you’re on top or below your game, AMP will take you further than you thought you could go. Lace up your shoes and give them a call! The only thing holding you back is YOU. Ring, ring.. who’s there? WINNING. That’s who.” – Bentonville, AR