Let our in-office team train and implement proven strategies that will help your dental practice grow. Generate steady a steady flow of new patients while your office learns how to increase profit!
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AMP provides practices with an elite customized dental coaching experience. Similarly, AMP compiles life stories with years of experience and places it at your fingertips. As a result there will be a spike in inspiration, motivation, and massive growth. We specifically matches coaches and practices based off of the needs, desires and goal of client.

In other words, from the seminar and continued education, to our customized in-house consulting, our team is ready to help you Accelerate your Practice!


President and CEO
Impacting the lives of both doctors and staff all over the country. Therefore, improving dental practices and helping people achieve their dreams. If you would like to see how, attend a workshop; it will change your life!
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Web Design
Over 20 years of digital marketing experience. Results‐orientated with a focus on developing websites for direct response and maximizing clients online and offline profitability. He provides the online tools needed to make your business succeed.
Phone: 919-418-0908

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