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Through dental consulting, you’re going to learn a lot about your practice and where both short and long term improvements can be made.
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The first step was the analysis of your dental practice. We took a look at everything relating to how you run your office. This included dental office marketing, dental practice training, and much more.

Now that we have a better understanding of what you do and how you go about it, we can focus on helping you reach your goals. That starts with figuring out what the targets are and the objectives you want to make.

To do that, you’ve got to know what other dental practices do and their goals. Since we’re in this industry, we understand what dentists require and can help them create a set of goals and target ways to achieve them. There are tons of objectives that you should be considering, such as financials, billing, training, and marketing.

It’s important to know more about the second step of our service so that you realize the benefits and potential it offers. Dental coaching is a multi-step process, and figuring out targets and goals is a big part of that. Let’s dive into how we help you with your business goals.

Why Are Dental Practice Goals Important?

Everyone has goals, and you probably don’t even think about them. Usually, it’s easy to figure out where you want to go in life and take the right steps to get there. Ultimately, the same is true for your dental practice. You want it to succeed. To do that, you hire the right people, have the right tools and experience, and market yourself.

However, the issue is that most dentists don’t understand the importance of having dental practice goals. You may do everything because you’ve heard it’s right, but when things don’t go well, you don’t know how to change those goals to meet your objectives.

When you know what you want, it becomes easier to figure out the right strategies to get you there. However, broad goals, such as making more money, are hard to break down for most dentists. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, but it means hiring the right support team to get you there.

At AMP, it’s our job to analyze your dental practice and figure out what you are all about. Then, we can help you create goals and work on ways to attain them.

Sets a Benchmark for Success

With the right goals in mind, you’re setting yourself up for success. Benchmarks are the metrics that your business has to hit so that it succeeds in the market. In a sense, this is like setting up the rules for winning.

Usually, we do this by comparing your dental practice against another one that’s doing well in the industry. That way, we can figure out what they’re doing that you’re not and vice-versa. It gives us more insight into what can be done. From there, we can create goals that you can work on to achieve higher rates of success and bring in more revenue.

Objective and Measurable

Any goal you make in life has to be objective and measurable. It’s got to do something that makes it worthwhile. In a sense, it has to be real and add value to you. For example, you may decide to eat healthier so that you look better and have more energy. This is real (objective). It’s something tangible that’s going to get you to your goal and help you succeed.

Another aspect is measurability. If you can’t measure the success of the goal, you aren’t going to know if you’re doing things right. With the earlier example, you could weigh yourself and measure your waist periodically to see how much you’re losing.

In regards to dental offices, you need to have real ways of meeting the goals and measuring success.

Realistic and Achievable

You may want to increase revenue to $1 million, but that isn’t realistic. Therefore, you’ve got to make sure the goals you have are doable with what you have now.

If you want to buy a new piece of equipment, you can set a savings goal to help you reach it. Make sure it’s achievable by giving yourself plenty of time (such as a year) to save the money.

Sometimes, it’s hard for dentists to do that for themselves, but we can help. It’s our job to make sure that your goals are realistic and give you the roadmap to achieving them in a particular time-frame.

Customized for Your Office

The truth is your dental practice is different than anyone else’s, and it’s important that your goals are customized for your needs and office. Therefore, you may want to focus more on training so that everyone knows what to do. This is going to boost customer retention and happiness, which in turn raises revenue.

It’s often easier to find the flaws in someone else (or another business), but you can’t mimic your goals to fix those problems. If you do that, you run the risk of causing more problems and not having achievable goals.
That’s why it’s important to hire AMP. We analyze everything about your dental office to find the flaws. From there, we help you set up goals that are going to correct those issues. It doesn’t stop there, though. We also ensure that large objectives are broken down into manageable targets.

A big goal should be broken down into smaller ones with a target time frame on each. That way, you succeed and know the steps to achieve what you want.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Professional Goals Lead to Sustained Practice Growth

When you create professional goals, you’re going to see sustained growth with the practice. Sustained growth for businesses is essential. It’s the maximum amount you can expand without having to get financial leverage or get into debt.

In a sense, this means that you spend what money you can (or create a savings plan) to grow a little at a time. Yes, it might be nice to get a loan for $50,000 and revamp the entire office. However, you’ve got to pay that back and may lose a few clients because of renovations and mess.

All in all, you could start off small by purchasing a new piece of equipment. That way, you can offer different services than the competition and get in the lead. From there, you can save more money and buy more things or renovate the office. When you start off small, you’re going to see sustained growth in the practice. It’s going to continue building until you’re bigger and better than other dental offices in the area.


SMART is just an acronym to ensure that the goal is measurable, specific, achievable, timely, and realistic. We already talked about a few of these aspects. Now, you need to focus on particular goals. Whether you want to boost productivity, instill confidence, or have better marketing techniques, you must define the goal appropriately.

You’ve also got to consider a time frame that works, is achievable, and realistic. For example, your goal is to increase office appointments this quarter by five percent. To do that, each staff member needs a task that’s going to relate and help you reach the goal.

The hygienist can mail cards to current patients while the marketing team tries to get new business. You may also choose social media outlets to promote yourself and offer discounts or coupons.

Dental Practice Strategic Targets

We haven’t talked much about the targets, but these can be internal or internal. You’ve got to focus on multiple aspects to reach your goals. This is where we come in. We’re going to help you target specifics and make strategic plans that benefit you now and in the future.


Internal targets can include many things, such as:
  • Staff – If you’re understaffed, it’s important to start looking for new talent. You should also look for ways to boost morale and motivate the team so that they stay on target and improve themselves.
  • Billing – Often, billing is a huge headache. Create a billing department and hire the right people for it. You may also want to figure out ways to simplify the process of drawing up bills or billing insurance companies.
  • Training – The team has to be trained to know what to do. Ultimately, this means learning what you expect of them and figuring out ways to teach them to do it effectively.
  • Financials – Boosting sales is important, but you also have to consider cash flow needs and make sure you can cover normal bills.


Though most dental practices focus on internal goals first, you can’t forget the external targets, such as:
  • Marketing – Putting ads in the paper may not cut it anymore, but there are many marketing tactics you can use, and we can help you figure out which ones are right for your practice.
  • Brand Awareness – You’ve got to get your brand out there and noticed. Easy ways to do that include using social media.
  • Online Presence – Your online presence is essential. Put your name out there whenever you can (in a good way) to get noticed.
  • Digital Marketing – This is the wave of the future, and most of your marketing efforts are going to be online.

Focus on the Details

It’s easy to get excited about creating goals, but the power is in the details. You may want to boost sales, but that is a big umbrella term for most dental practices. How do you actually do that?

In all likelihood, it starts with dental office marketing to let others know you’re there. However, you also have to focus on dental practice training to ensure that the staff understands what to do. The individual steps you take to boost revenue are going to be different than another practice. This is where we come in. With us to help, you know exactly where you need to improve, and we can help you set up appropriate goals.

Dental Practice Growth Objectives FAQs

We understand that you’ve got questions, and these are the ones most dental practices ask about. However, call us if you’ve got specific questions about the second step of our process. You’ve already gone through analysis, so you’re on your way to improving your practice!
Q: How Does AMP Help Grow a Dental Practice?
A: There are many ways to grow your dental practice, and it all starts with the right goals and targets. After the analysis, we’re going to know more about your company and where to begin. With us at the helm, you’re sure to determine the right goals and how to achieve them.
Q: What Goals and Targets Should You Focus On?
A: This is going to be different based on your specific needs. Most dental practices need to work on external targets, such as building an online presence and using digital marketing. However, you’ve also got to internalize to make sure the staff knows what to do and how they can improve.
Q: Is Marketing Really That Important?
A: Yes! Marketing is essential because there are plenty of other dental practices that potential clients could choose. You’ve got to stand apart from the competition, and the best way to do that is to figure out the goals you want to achieve and ways to do it.
Q: Why Should I Hire You to Help Me Create Goals?
A: While you could probably set your own goals, you may not be sure where to start or what you need. As your dental coach, we already analyzed your practice and know what you’ve got to do. We can help you map everything out to fit your needs and specific goals.

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You’ve already used our dental consulting service to analyze your practice and figure out where improvements need to be made. That’s the first step, and you’ve already taken the plunge.

Now, you’ve got to take that information and figure out how to use it to be better. This means creating goals and targets that you want to reach so that you make more money, have a great service team, and impress your clients.

Call us today to start the next step to help you become the best dental practice in your area. We are trusted professionals and focus on you and your specific needs. Create goals and learn how to achieve them so that you can boost revenue and morale throughout the practice.