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As a dentist, you wear many hats. You’ve got to provide excellent care to your patients, but you also have to focus on marketing, patient flow, and much more. How do you achieve greatness when you aren’t sure what to do or where to start?
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With AMP, you’re going to get the information you need to provide the results you crave. We’re going to be there with you through it all to celebrate with everyone when success occurs. You’ve got your own little cheerleading section when you reach those milestones you crave so much.

The good news is we’re there for you from the beginning. While the competition might give you a specific plan to follow and leave you hanging, we’re different. We do give you a plan that meets your particular needs, but we stay by your side through each milestone. As you see results from your performance, we’re cheering you on. From there, we can also help you figure out which areas still need improvements.

AMP is not here to judge your employees in a routine performance review. Instead, we’re focused on the office as a whole to ensure that everything is in place to give you the success you need.

Dental Office Marketing

The way you market your practice matters. Most dentists know this, but they may not be sure how it works or what to do. AMP can help you with your marketing efforts so that you understand what is going on. From there, you can find out which strategies work well for you and your business. These can change based on your location and the types of patients you see.

It’s our goal for you to have positive results in all aspects of your business, and marketing is one of the most important. Without effective advertising, you aren’t going to see new patients come through the doors. Things get stagnant, and you may even lose current clients. Therefore, you’ve got to work hard on your marketing efforts, and we want to see you succeed.

Ultimately, we offer various services and advise you to ensure that you know what to do. However, we also stay right by your side to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. As your dental coach, AMP wants to see you succeed and get the performance results you deserve.

Current Patients

Most dentists don’t realize it, but your current patients are where to start. If they’re satisfied, they’re going to stay with your dental practice. Therefore, some of the marketing you do should be focused on them and getting them to stay.

We realize it’s hard for you, but our efforts are going to make things much easier. When you put into practice what we’ve laid out, you’re going to get those positive performance results you want. Plus, your patients are going to be satisfied and feel that you are modern and care about them instead of being all about the money.

New Patients

For the most part, your marketing efforts are going to focus on bringing in new patients. Remember, it can take time for them to call or request a consultation. You may feel that you aren’t doing enough, but you’ve just got to wait.

This is often the hardest part, but we’re here for you. AMP focuses on each area of your business, and getting new patients is high on the list. Without more people to help, you aren’t going to grow your practice.

While you have to focus on retention, too, you can’t rely on emergencies all the time. Bringing in new patients is the fastest way to grow and expand the practice. As you do the right things, you’re going to see results, and we’re here to show you it’s possible.


Another area that most dental practices flounder in is profitability. You and your team do all the work, but there’s an issue if you don’t have more money coming in. It’s our job to help you find out what’s wrong and fix it. When that happens, your performance results are going to be much better.

This ultimately means that you’re going to see a profit and may be able to buy more equipment or get extra training. From there, you’re going to focus on bringing in even more clients and expanding more than you ever imagined possible, and it’s all because AMP was there to help.

Creating a Marketing System

You may talk to dentists in other areas, meaning they aren’t competitors for you. From them, you may wonder why your marketing efforts aren’t successful. It might even seem like other dentists don’t have to do anything and have people flocking to them.

This can happen, but it’s rare. Once you get ‘big’ enough, you may find that word-of-mouth alone is enough to bring in plenty of patients. However, the other issue you may have is that you’ve got too many patients and not enough staff.

AMP is there for you at all times. We’re going to help you focus on a marketing system that brings in enough new patients without overcrowding or overwhelming you. It’s just as bad when you’ve got too many clients as when there aren’t enough.

Through your performance results, we can show you how effective the marketing campaigns are. This may mean you reduce your efforts or improve on them.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Staff Retention

Your overall performance results weigh heavily with staff retention, too. It’s all a process, and everything makes a difference. If you want to do well, you’ve got to keep your employees satisfied. Otherwise, they are going to leave you.

Though there may be times where you and a certain staff member aren’t compatible, you really want to try to keep your employees. If you don’t, it requires you to look for new talent and hire someone else. This is costly and time-consuming, so why do it if you don’t have to?

When you listen to our advice and implement the plan we have in place, you’re going to see the results you want. Ultimately, it’s all a continual process. You must have the right processes in place and motivate your employees so that they are more productive and want the practice to succeed. As you start doing better, your performance results are going to skyrocket, and the entire business benefits.

Combining Multiple Systems

The trouble most dentists have is that they don’t realize just how much goes on in running a business. You focus on your patients, but that isn’t enough. You’ve got to market yourself, have an online presence, and be a modern practice that people want to visit.

It’s often a challenge just to know where to start, and that’s where AMP can help. We take into consideration everything you need to be doing and give you advice on how to do it. However, we also let you make your own decisions. In a sense, we’re a listening board. As you achieve the results you want from the performance you give, you’re rewarded with more revenue. Since we’ve been there through it all, we celebrate with you on those milestones.

Other Aspects

While employees and marketing are two of the top contenders for achieving high performance results, they aren’t the only things. You must also focus on building your online presence and keeping morale up all the time. It’s tricky, but AMP is here to help and ensures that everything is working for you.

Overall Morale

Employee morale may not seem like something to factor in, but your staff wants to know that you care about them. They’re doing a job and should get rewarded. This often comes as good pay and benefits, but there can be other motivational tools and rewards you provide.

We’re here to listen to employee feedback and help you incorporate their needs and complaints into things you can use and improve. That way, you are going to have better performance results all around. When the employees are happy, they’re going to be nice to the patients and help you expand the practice.

Online Needs

Everyone knows that an online presence is essential for any business. If you’re not online, you’re missing many opportunities to connect and engage with potential clients. Though this should be part of your marketing efforts, we included it separately because of its importance.

Your performance results are directly hinged on your online presence. This also pertains to offering online scheduling and having a website. With these things up and running, you’re going to see that change for the better is possible. We’re here to make sure it happens!

A Full Markup for Your Dental Practice Business

All aspects of your dental practice must be covered, and it’s our job to do that. When we lay everything out for you, it’s much easier for you to take control. A full markup of the practice shows you where to improve things, but it doesn’t tell you what to do. AMP takes it a step further to help you with that aspect.

Since we’re there from the beginning, you are going to see better performance results in all areas. That doesn’t mean you’re finished, though. You’ve still got aspects that can be improved, and we make sure that information is provided to you.

Consulting Performance Results FAQs

Everyone has questions, and that’s what gives you power. When you understand what AMP does, you’re more likely to see the benefits. This investment in your future is essential! Take a look at the FAQs list below to get answers to pertinent questions you might have right now.
Q: How Does AMP Show Results?
A: We’ve taken a lot of time and effort to get to know your business. Therefore, your success is part of ours. Whenever you reach a milestone, it’s indicative that we did our job effectively to help you get where you are. Ultimately, AMP focuses on your dental practice and its needs. We also consider the employees and areas that could be improved and work hard to give you the tools and information needed.
Q: Does AMP Only Give Advice?
A: While AMP offers advice to help you reach your milestones and earn more revenue, we don’t take a backseat to it all. Instead, we are right there with you, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. When you achieve the performance results you’re hoping for, we’re also there to celebrate. It shows that we’re doing our job, and you’re happy because things are progressing as we promised. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for both your team and ours.
Q: How Is Performance Consulting Different?
A: To produce results for any business, performance consultants have to analyze the situation and resolve issues. While we create a tailored plan for you, we also stick by you and watch things unfold. As you succeed and produce those results, we’re here to celebrate those milestones. If anything needs to be reevaluated, we take the time to do it so that you achieve success. Though it’s a process, it works if you give it time.
Q: Why Should We Celebrate Our Results?
A: You’ve been working hard to get your practice off and running. Since you don’t know what to do, you call on us for assistance. We give you a full plan of attack, but it’s still up to you to make those changes and see those results. With all that effort you put in, you’re entitled to celebrate when things go right. It’s a milestone for everyone, and a celebration is warranted.

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Now is the time to take action and call AMP. We’re trusted professionals with years of experience in the dental industry. That means we already know what most practices need. You can be a modern practice with the right equipment, tools, and staff to help. Understanding your performance results is essential so that you can celebrate your success and figure out what still needs to be improved.

You don’t have to go through it all yourself, and AMP works hard so that you don’t. That way, you have a plan, know what to do, and have us by your side the entire time. Let’s do this together and help you get the performance results you crave.