In order to succeed you'll need to know what systems and processes in your office need to be updated. AMP is ready to help you break the cycle and implement the changes needed to grow your dental practice.
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Unfortunately many business owners get hung up on this step which is arguably one of the most important. They start off strong by analyzing their performance data and identifying the problems that need to be updated that will lead to growth and expansion. Next they spend the time researching their problems and come up with a solution that will work for their particular situation. Its at this point they freeze up and are often unable to take action. While it's a problem we hear about on a regular basis, it's one that needs to be fixed if the office is going to succeed.

Embrace Change in the Office

The best thing you can do is embrace change. Whether you realize it or not, everything changes constantly – your environment, the economy, weather, society, technology, and so much more. However, when it comes to your dental practice, things are still as they were when you started it.

Change involves loss and risk, so it’s no wonder that you’re fearful. However, you’ve gone through the earlier steps to know what to do and how to do it. Now, you’ve got to take all that information and have a leap of faith. Though you may be worried, we have covered every base and gone with you each step of the way. We’re not going to leave you now. AMP focuses on your needs, and we are going to help you implement the changes we’ve set up so far.

You’re going to have to learn new things and may have to master a new skill. This also includes developing unique qualities like persistence, courage, and optimism. We’re not saying it isn’t hard, but you’ve got the will to do it.

Understand E+R=O

E+R=O means that the event plus the response equals the outcome. When an event occurs, your reaction to it determines what you experience.

The event is the change, and your response is all the work you’ve already done to get to where you are now. Therefore, the outcome you see is going to be better because you’ve planned for it.

While there are always going to be things out of your control, there’s just as much that you can change. In a sense, you know that you need to have rules in place for when an employee does something wrong. You may not like it, but your response to that change is going to make all the difference. It reassures the employees that it’s for the best!

Create Positive Outcomes

Since change is inevitable, you’ve got to embrace it. To do that, consider creating positive outcomes where none seem to exist. Your mind is quite powerful, so when you use it correctly, you can make what you want. Therefore, you’ve got to choose that it’s all possible and the effects of implementation are going to be ideal.

You’re probably already on board with implementation because you’ve been working with us and know the process so far. However, creating a positive outcome for the employees and clients is also important. When they see that you feel confident, it helps them release some of their fears and take the plunge, too.

We’re here to help take some of the pressure off. Ultimately, your goal is to provide the right information so that everyone feels safe and confident.

Imagine You’re There

When you imagine that you’ve already implemented everything and embraced those changes, it’s easier to realize what they can do for you.

Implementation isn’t easy, and change is hard for everyone. However, when you picture what it’s going to be like when it’s all said and done, you feel better. Then, you’ve got to give those images to the rest of the clients and employees so that they’re confident and embrace the change, too.

It isn’t easy, but we’re here to help. Communication is the key here, and you’re sure to find less resistance to change when you explain everything thoroughly.

Acknowledge Fears While Taking Action

It’s okay to be scared, and you need to reassure your employees of that, too. Acknowledging their fear of change is going to help them feel a little better about it. Give them permission to experience their worries, which are bound to pop up along the way.

Create a safe zone where anyone can come to you about their worries. That way, you know what’s going through their head. Though the psychology step previously helped you a bit, that was more focused on why they do what they do.

Now that change is about to happen, they need to feel confident and secure in their position. Though it might be different, or they may take on more responsibility in the future, this is to benefit them. Help them understand that and then take action anyway.

They can feel nervous about new responsibilities and challenges. However, being in unknown territory isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Reiterate that this is good for the dental practice as a whole and let them be proud to be part of it.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Reassure Current Team Members

Ultimately, you’ve got to be there to reassure the team members that they are secure in their jobs. It’s true that their title might change, or they may take on more responsibilities, but you can spin that to be a positive.

Communication is essential, and you’ve got to let them know they can talk to you. We’re also here to discuss things and help smooth out the process of implementing change. Everyone knows it’s a challenge, but we’ve been with you so far. Everyone was excited for the possibilities we opened up, and now is the time to make them happen.

Every team member is different, so their thought processes are bound to vary. Make sure that you’re having meetings frequently to discuss the changes and where you are on each. That way, they feel like they’re part of this momentous occasion and want to enjoy it instead of back away from it.

Help Patients Understand

You can’t forget about your patients during all this. There’s bound to be confusion. For example, if you’re setting up a new scheduling system, they may start receiving texts from you instead of calls.

Try to wean them off of the current way of doing things so that they feel comfortable and confident. The last thing you want is to scare away your current patients because you’re implementing all these great changes.

A great way to combat that is to send newsletters or snail mail that showcases the changes. Make sure you explain how it’s going to benefit them, and you may find that your clients are just as excited as you about this new journey.

Take Small Steps

We’re not here to push you farther than you’re willing to go. Though we know what changes must be made to improve everything, you can set the pace. Everyone should feel comfortable about proceeding so that there’s less frustration.

Let Us Lead

Ultimately, we’ve been guiding you throughout the process, and we’re not about to stop now. Implementing change isn’t easy, and we recognize that this is where most dental practices falter.

That’s what we’re here for. We’re the guiding beacon to help everything go smoothly. When we’re at the helm, everything seems to slip into place. Yes, there are things you’ve got to do and explain to the clients and employees, but our goal is to make it easier on everyone.

Be Present and Excited

This is a momentous occasion for you. You’ve spent months figuring out where you could improve and setting up goals for yourself. Everything is more streamlined because you’ve got the best practices and processes set up. Now, it’s time to start working on your goals and making the improvements you’ve talked about.

Though you’re probably nervous a little, try to be present in each moment. The excitement you generate is going to flow over to the clients and employees. From there, everyone’s going to want to see what you’re doing and how far the dental practice can go.

Be Patient

Though patience is often hard to come by, this is a process. Implementing change is not going to happen overnight. None of the steps you’ve taken so far have been done fast. It’s important to take your time, pace yourself, and do things right.

We’re here to make sure that happens. When things get a little too much, or you’re trying to do more than one thing at a time, we can help you tone it down and work at the right pace. Implementing dental practice changes isn’t easy, but it’s possible with us to help.

Dental Office Implementation FAQs

Everyone has questions, and as a dentist with a private practice, we expect that. If you’ve made it to this stage of the process, you may be wondering how we can help implement these changes. Read on for more information or contact us with specific concerns.
Q: How to Successfully Implement Changes to the Dental Practice? 
A: You’ve got to have defined changes that you want to make and ensure that they align with the dental practice goals. From there, you’ve got to know what impact it’s going to have and on whom so that you can create a communication strategy and help people deal with the new things. The training and support structure are critical here, and we can help you through the process.
Q: How Do All These Steps Fit Together?
A: AMP can’t help you implement change if we don’t know where you are currently. The analysis phase provided us insight. From there, you created goals that are attainable to grow the business. We looked at psychology and came up with some systems and processes to streamline everything. Now is your chance to implement all those things so that you can expand when the time comes.
Q: Why Are Changes Hard to Make?
A: Usually, people find it hard to change because they are afraid. Their bad habits seem to work for them right now, and asking them to do things differently means learning something new. However, you can make it easier by providing training and rewarding them for their successes.
Q: Is Implementing Change Necessary?
A: Yes, change is inevitable and required for companies to expand, regardless of the industry. If you can’t change, you become stagnant. Adapting to a new way of doing things is the ultimate goal for most dental practices, and that requires you to know your goals, set up processes and systems, and implement them effectively

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Everything is finally starting to come together. You know what improvements have to be made, have come up with goals to work on, and are now ready to implement the changes you’ve been contemplating.

This is an exciting and scary time, so it’s important that you stay focused and help the employees and patients understand what’s going on. If you’re ready to start implementing dental practice changes that you’ve come up with, please call us. We’re trusted professionals, and we’ve been helping you so far.

Don’t quit now when change is the way to make things happen. You’re on the right track, and those updates you make are going to improve all aspects of your dental practice.

While it’s hard, there are ways to go about it that make it easier for everyone involved. This is your moment to shine and get onto the next step in the process that we offer. Take the plunge and do what you know is right by calling to set up the implementation phase.