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Everyone wants to do a good job. They were hired for a specific reason, and they need to know that they are valuable and appreciated. However, most dental practices have employees who aren’t satisfied with their jobs, and this is a huge concern. Let AMP help you get things back on track!
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If you’re in the situation where you have staff who aren't happy, you may try to boost morale by giving rewards or having team-building activities. These can be great options, but you have to start at the core first. Dental practice training is essential, but most dentists don’t offer this to their employees. Since they’ve gone to college, you believe they know what to do. Still, all that is generalized, and you want things done a specific way.

Appropriate dental practice training can do wonders for morale and ensures that each team member is on the same page. AMP can help you choose the right training materials and courses so that everyone knows what to do. Ultimately, this means defining their job descriptions and teaching them how you want things to be done. When that happens, there’s harmony in the office. Everyone feels like they are contributing and part of the team. With AMP here to help, you’re sure to have less turnaround and happier employees.

Train the Whole Team

It’s easy to focus on a particular part of the office, such as the clinicians or the receptionists. However, you can’t be picky and choosy when it comes to who you train and how. Each member is valuable, or they wouldn’t be there.

With that knowledge comes responsibility. You know that these people rely on you. Without them, you couldn’t do everything you do. In fact, you focus on treating patients and running the office from behind the scenes. The clinicians may help with patient treatments, and the front office takes care of scheduling.

While everyone should know what to do, there are specific processes in place. If they don’t know what those are and can’t implement them, things are going to be rough. To smooth it all out, you want to train each team member. When they know their job duties, things are much easier. We can help you figure all of this out and choose the best methods for training your employees. This can include many things, but it’s worth it when there’s unity with your entire team.

Rapid Expansion

It isn’t surprising that there has been an influx of dental nurses and clinicians into the field. The medical industry is a top contender, and it’s where everyone wants to work. With that, you have your choice of professionals to help you run your business.

However, you also have many training programs out there. While most of them are certified and appropriate, they teach the main lessons. You’ve still got to train your employees on the processes and systems in place at the office. If you don’t, there’s bound to be confusion in the ranks.

Non-Clinical Staff

Still, you can’t only focus on the clinicians in the office. Your non-clinical staff includes receptionists, managers, and more. They’re usually the first and last people your patients come in contact with, so they must know what to do. That way, everyone has a positive experience, making the client want to return in six months.

These people are also in charge of the appointment system, so they make appointments, plan sessions based on the treatment, and so much more. If they don’t have the right tools and information, they’re not going to be efficient.

AMP can help you find appropriate training courses for your non-clinical staff. We find out where they excel, where they should improve, and how to go about it effectively.

Use Time Efficiently

Most clinicians, managers, and receptionists don’t know how to use their time effectively. They may not know how to perform time management or prioritize, but it might also be that there are so many things for them to do.

Prioritizing isn’t something you’re born with; you have to learn it. AMP can ensure that the right training methods are used so that everyone can be more productive. That way, you can see more patients, everything is streamlined, and everyone is much happier. From there, things should improve immensely because the team feels valued and knows what to do and when.

Recognition for Everyone

Sometimes, it’s hard to realize when someone has done a good job. You’re very busy yourself, so you might not feel that you need to stop and recognize someone’s achievements.

However, recognition is an easy form of motivation. When the employees know that you care about them and want them to succeed, they’re more willing to put in more effort. Therefore, if they do their job or go above and beyond, you can thank them for that.

Such a small effort might not seem like much to you, but it’s going to widen their smiles and help them feel valued.

It’s often easier to recognize a job well done by the clinicians because you work closely with them. Still, you shouldn’t neglect the back office or front office. Everyone is valuable, and you couldn’t do your job and be successful without them. Recognition doesn’t have to be elaborate, though you should have a rewards system in place, and AMP can assist you with this.

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Why Choose AMP to Lead Your Dental Team Training?

Do you know of a good dental practice training course to use? Many dentists already have one in place, but they don’t see results. If that’s what happened to you, then you probably need a different strategy.

It could be that you’re using outdated courses or that they don’t pertain to your employees. Regardless, AMP is here to help you. When we lead the dental team training, you’re going to find that everyone works faster, is better, and cares about the rest of the employees.

With such unity, there isn’t anything you can’t handle. However, it doesn’t come without the right dental practice consultant by your side. You are extremely busy with running the practice and performing treatments. Therefore, you don’t have time to make sure your team is trained effectively. That’s why you hire AMP. We take on this role so that the employees get what they need to do their job and be more productive and efficient.

Difference Between In-Office Training and Primary Training

Some dentists wonder why they should hire us. Their team has gone through the necessary training and has the right educational background. Why, then, do they need more dental practice training?

They need to know what to do, so they go to school. However, dental practice training shows them how you want things to be done. Colleges only give the information necessary to run the office or provide treatment. Your practice is unique, and you have a specific way you want it to be handled. We understand this and can ensure that the right systems and processes are in place and followed. Once that happens, it’s a well-oiled ship and everyone is going to be on the same page. That means unity for the whole team and more productivity.

Personal Development

Once the team knows what to do and how to do it right, that’s not the end. You want everyone to focus on personal development so that they want to continue learning and figuring out ways to be productive. This comes in various forms, and AMP can assist you.

Give Feedback / Positive Criticism

The first thing you must do is implement a way to give feedback to your staff. They are bound to make mistakes because they’re human. However, if they don’t know they’ve done anything wrong, they can’t work harder to fix those and prevent them from happening.

When you have a system in place that gives feedback and positive criticism, the employees know what to do and how to improve. AMP can work with you to find the right mediums, such as performance reports and when to offer them. Plus, we can find out what the team likes and use those options to communicate and discuss these crucial matters.

Stepping Stones and Milestones

There has to be a way to measure the training’s effectiveness, too. AMP can help you create milestones or stepping stones so that each team member knows how they’re doing. From there, we can help you decide on ways that they can improve and the steps to take to achieve greatness.

When it all comes together, the team is going to work together and care about each other. That means the practice can grow and expand. Patients are going to be happier, the employees are going to feel comfortable and valued, and you have a great team who wants to be there and support you through your growth.

Value the Entire Team

It’s important to set learning objectives that clearly define the learning process, outcomes you expect, and ongoing education. Most people don’t mind training, but they have to know that it’s going to work and make them more valuable to you. When that happens, they’re going to pay attention in class, take notes, and do much better on the tests. Ultimately, this leads to them retaining the information they receive and applying it to their daily operations.

AMP understands that your team is your lifeblood. Without them, you can’t function and do everything you do. However, you must show the employees that they’re valuable. We can help you find ways to do that. While dental practice training is at the core (because when you teach them, they know you care), other options may be required or recommended.

Office Team Training FAQs

We know that you have many questions right now. You want the best dental office team training so that everyone knows what to do and learns to do it effectively. Still, you wonder how AMP can help. Take a look at these FAQs to understand what we do:
Q: How Many Employees Do You Need?
A: The number of employees you have is relevant, but it’s not the only thing to focus on now. Typically, a full-time practice has 1,600 active patients. Each clinician can see up to 15 patients a day, and you need enough front office staff to handle billing, insurance claims, and greeting of the patients. AMP can help you assess your employees and figure out if you need to hire more help.
Q: Why Is Teamwork so Important for Dental Offices?
A: In the dental office, teamwork is defined as creating a fun and professional environment while also delivering the best patient care. True teamwork can only happen with mutual respect. However, AMP goes a step further by making sure that each employee has the right dental office training to know the processes and systems in place to do their job effectively.
Q: How Does Communication and Training Go Together?
A: Training should include the basics and an understanding of the tools and systems in place. From there, everyone needs to communicate with each other so that everyone knows what’s going on. AMP can help you focus on the right training courses and materials. Then, you can all learn how to talk about important things through meetings and other methods. It’s straightforward, but it’s essential.
Q: Why Do I Need to Provide Training to My Employees?
A: Your employees should indeed have formal education, such as business administration and clinical educational backgrounds. However, that doesn’t tell them what you expect from them or how to use the software you have. This type of training is something AMP can help you deal with so that everyone’s on the same page.

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Most of the problems you face in that regard could be fixed with proper dental practice training. If you’re ready to help everyone get on the same page, it’s time to call AMP. Trust the professionals to handle the training aspects for you. That way, everyone knows what to do, and they can all work together. With communication and the right information, your employees are going to be happier and know what’s expected of them. Trust the professionals at AMP and give us a call to find out how to start.