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The front desk is the most important part of your dental practice. It’s the first thing people see when they walk in, and it’s where patients decide if your team is a good fit for their dental care needs. AMP is ready to make sure it reflects your office's reputation accurately.
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You’ve probably got a team of front office help, including receptionists and managers to make things run smoothly. However, there could be a few issues here and there. Ultimately, there’s always room for improvement, and AMP is here to guide you with dental practice front office training.

We don’t teach you all how to be receptionists. You probably have one or more of them already. However, you never know when the receptionist is going to be sick or otherwise unable to perform his or her duties. Therefore, everyone must have dental practice training for the front office. That way, everyone knows how to answer the phone, talk to customers in the office, and deal with billing and insurance claims.

Ultimately, you’re creating synergy within the dental practice. Everyone does it the same way so that the patients always have a great experience. That keeps them coming back for future services.

Dental Office Front Desk Services

AMP offers many services to help you with your dental office front desk needs. Ultimately, it’s all based on what you require. Remember, your practice is different from anyone else’s. Therefore, you’re going to have different issues, but you may also excel where others don’t.

We’ve got to take all of that into account, and the first step is analyzing everything for you. Typically, that means figuring out what practices you use right now, what training you already offer, and go from there. In general, though, we focus on helping you pick the right dental practice management software, how to answer phones, and that sort of thing. Remember, your front office is the first thing people are going to experience after visiting your website. Both of these aspects have to be in tip-top shape if you expect to provide the best customer service possible.

Ultimately, you need to ensure that everyone gets the right training, and AMP works with you to ensure this happens. We focus on the software you use and help everyone know what to do if they must take a call.

Choosing Management Software

You may not think about your software tools and how they help with everything. However, they are an integral part of what you do, and they make it easier to organize everything and keep it all straight. Often, dental practices use management software to assist with billing, insurance claims, and appointments/scheduling.

It’s possible that everyone in the office (including you and the clinicians) may have to use it periodically if the receptionist is unavailable for any reason. At AMP, we make sure the right management software is being used and also train everyone so that they can utilize it when necessary.

Answering Phones

Much of what your receptionist does revolves around answering the phones (though there are other things to focus on, too). However, it’s our job to make sure that everyone does things the same way.

Usually, when answering the telephone, you start with the company name and ask how to help the person. Scripting is a huge deal because it ensures that everyone knows what to say and how to sound more professional. We understand that the team members are unique, but they need to understand why they should use a script. Plus, we can help you create one that fits for your business and needs. That way, it’s all professional, and the patients hear a friendly voice regardless of who answers.

Patient Billing

No one wants to deal with billing, but there could come a time where the hygienist or yourself has to print out a bill or make one. It’s important that you do it right while using the best practices and processes set up before. AMP can assist you and train every team member on how to do this. That way, anyone can handle a customer’s concern without having to wait for the receptionist to come back or be on duty again.

It’s a great way to signal unity and ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling is the most important aspect of your dental practice training. If you overbook patients, you’re going to get behind. No one wants to wait at the dental office for hours, and many of them might leave or never return for service.

Therefore, it’s essential that you have the right scheduling tools in place. If you want patients to be allowed to schedule appointments online, it must also correlate with your website. AMP can help you figure out your scheduling woes. From there, we can help train the staff so that they know how to use the tools. That way, anyone can take a call from a patient and put them in the system for an appointment.

Though you may think that it’s easy, you might be surprised at how many people get confused when they actually have to schedule someone. It’s better to work with AMP to ensure that each team member receives the best training and avoids that issue altogether.

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Why is AMP the Right Choice to Coach My Staff?

You probably don’t have enough time in the day for what you currently do. Therefore, you know it’s not feasible to coach your own staff. That’s why you hire a professional to do it for you, and AMP is the best in the business.

We are a team of dental professionals, and most of us have owned dental practices. That means we know exactly what you’re going through and how to fix it. In general, most of your problems come from the staff not knowing what to do. This might indicate that they don’t have the right training.

However, we’re not talking about formal education. They should have the skills necessary to work there. We are more focused on them learning the processes and practices you have in place. That way, the employees know what to do and how you want it done. Since the front office is so important, we think everyone should know how to answer phones, bill patients, and the rest.

This Isn’t Receptionist Training!

The receptionists on your team should absolutely have adequate formal training to know what to do. However, most of what they learn is basic and generalized in school. From there, they may have worked in multiple dental offices, and those dentists probably had specific ways of doing things.

Now, they’re on your team, and they have to know how you want things done. AMP offers dental practice training for the front office to clarify all of these issues and make sure your receptionists understand what to do.

However, we take it a step further and ensure that every employee has the basic training necessary to answer phones and schedule patients. That way, there are no issues if your receptionist is gone for the day.

What AMP Offers

When you work with AMP, you’re going to get the best dental coaching possible. We offer many services, but you’re focused on front office training right now. With us by your side, you can ensure a better patient experience and know that anyone can handle the front office for a short time.

Great Patient Experience

Your patients deserve the best, and you never know when your receptionist is going to be out of the office. That means you or another team member might have to fill in for them. However, the patients still come first, so everyone has to know what to do.

For you, this means hiring the best staff and focusing on employee morale. However, you might have to handle new patient intake or schedule appointments when the receptionist is gone. It’s much easier to do that when you’ve got the right training. AMP is here to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Work the Front Desk

Everyone should have a basic understanding of what to do at the front desk. This is called cross-training, and it’s a great thing. That way, if the receptionist calls in sick or goes on vacation, the rest of the team can pull together to figure it all out.

AMP can help you handle everything relating to front office training. We can focus on scripting, so people know what to say. Also, we make sure that collections are sent out on time, everyone can bill an insurance company or patient, and they know how to schedule appointments.

First and Last Contact Point with Patients

Dental practices have a lot of patient interaction. However, it often starts before they come to the office. They’re going to see your website first (in many cases) and go from there. Still, most people want to call for an appointment. This is the first contact you’re going to have with them, and it has to be perfect.

Then, they’re going to arrive at the office for treatment. You’ve got to make the process easy and simple so that they can sign in and be seen quickly. Once the treatment is done, they are also going to the front desk to present insurance information and pay for the service. Regardless of who’s in the office, they should know how to handle the front office requirements to provide great customer service to the customers.

Phone and Front Office FAQs

We know that you’ve got questions about answering the phones and the front office in general. Our FAQs list should help you understand more about it and realize just how important it is to get front office training from AMP.
Q: What Are the Responsibilities for the Front Office?
A: Typically, the front desk personnel has to keep the front area clean and full of supplies. They also greet the customers and communicate with them. This can include answering questions and dealing with complaints or issues. Phone calls must be answered, and they have to do it in an effective and pleasant way. These are just a few of the things your receptionists do each day, and it’s up to you to make sure everyone on the team can handle it if necessary.
Q: Why Is the Front Office So Important?
A: The front office is vital for a dental office. It’s the first place your guests are going to interact with the employees, but it’s also the last one. Therefore, it must be streamlined, and everyone needs to know what to do if they have to be there. That’s why you should work with AMP to focus on training for everyone!
Q: Why Does Everyone Need to Know How to Handle Front Office Duties?
A: Most dental practices have a receptionist and possibly a manager. However, what happens when they are sick, or you have a huge influx of calls, and they need help? It’s better to cross-train the staff so that everyone can handle the basic front office duties, such as answering the phone and scheduling. It creates synergy and a sense of peace and comfort.
Q: How Can AMP Help with Front Office Training?
A: AMP is available to help with dental practice training, which includes the front office. That way, your employees learn the processes in place, understand the systems (software), and know how to talk to the patients. With that, you know that anyone can handle calls or questions, which makes the patient’s experience much better. It gives everyone a sense of team effort and ensures that you’re not relying on just one person for everything.

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Almost every dental practice goes through a point where they need a refresher course on how to handle front office needs. This can include your manager and receptionist, but everyone should know the basics. However, it’s a challenge to know where to start, especially since you have so many other things to take care of.

It’s time to call AMP. We’re professionals, and you can trust us to make sure the entire team is on the same page. Ultimately, we’re there to find out what the team knows and make sure they’re doing things the way you want them to be done.

When you call and set up your Growth Call, we’re going to ask questions and get to know you and your needs better. Then, we can offer solutions and get started.