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Online marketing is essential for your dental practice. Without it, new potential patients don't know that your office is accepting new patients. While there are numerous dental office marketing tactics required for an effective online campaign, AMP has an in-house digital team that is ready to help you market your practice.
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The focus for the vast majority of a online marketing campaign is going to be localized to your area and target keywords that are relevant to your office. That just means that your content and ads show up when people Google those services close to them. Since you run a dental practice, you are localized and want to target potential clients within a particular area. It doesn’t make sense for your ads or website to show up in another state because no one is going to travel that far to go to the dentist. The only exception might be if you offer specialty services that no other dentist provides in the area.

Now that you know the secret of success, it’s important to choose the right company to help. You’ve got many marketing agencies available to you, but AMP is an excellent resource. As your dental coach, we focus on all aspects of your business with a heavy concentration on dental office marketing. Though we’re dental practice consultants, we also offer marketing features and have a web designer on our team. That way, we don’t have to outsource anything.

Dental Marketing Online Services

There are so many aspects of dental practice marketing. Most people don’t know what goes into it. You may have a blog and do a little keyword research, but ultimately, you don’t see results from your efforts.

However, the issue might be that you’re not focused on local marketing tactics. When people search for dental services on Google, they want something that is nearby. If you fit that criteria, it’s up to you to make sure they can find you when they search.

You’ve got to start at the heart of it all, which is your website. From there, though, you need to focus on SEM, SEO, and Google My Business, among others. Since Google is the top search engine, it’s important that you use it effectively. AMP can help you get everything done. We analyze what you’re doing now and find ways to improve it. From there, we branch out and offer other marketing tools, such as PPC, content marketing, and others. That way, you’ve got a well-rounded strategy that meets your needs.

Professional Website that Loads Quickly

Your website should be your lifeline. It’s where people go after-hours to find information and schedule an appointment. If the site doesn’t look professional, it’s not going to give you the authority in the industry.

What does authority mean? Ultimately, it indicates that you’re a top choice among the competition, and people should choose you over other practices.

Along with that, the website has to load fast because people aren’t going to wait more than a few seconds to browse. AMP can help with both of these aspects and many others. That means you can have a quick-loading and professional site that makes a difference.

Great Website Content

Once your site is streamlined, you need the right content. Most dentists don’t have a blog, or if they do, it isn’t updated frequently. However, this is a big problem and one of the reasons you’re not seeing more organic traffic and leads.

Having excellent website content indicates that you’re an authority figure in the industry. It also shows that you care and pay attention to the details. The good news is you can also provide relevant information to potential clients indicating how important it is for them to get routine dental services.

However, website content also means using keywords effectively throughout the site. AMP can help you figure out what to do so that there is plenty of relevant information and appropriate keyword usage.


Search Engine Marketing is what you do to promote your website. It uses specific strategies to increase your site’s visibility within search engine results and primarily uses paid advertising methods (PPC). However, you can’t have SEM without SEO.

The website needs to have specific keywords that your potential clients often use when searching. That way, Google searches for those keywords and puts your page first in the results list. SEO is organic, but you can boost your ratings by also using SEM effectively. AMP knows you may not understand much about this, but we’re here to help and do it for you.

LSA and Google Maps

Local Service Ads (LSA) are a great way to get pay-per-lead advertisements for your dental practice. They are the ones that show at the very top of the search results list on Google. It’s found right under the ‘ad’ signage, and it’s the first thing anyone sees. AMP understands how to use this effectively for your dental office marketing, so you’re going to see great results.

Google My Business (GMB) is another thing you should be using. It’s free, and with a GMB account, you can set up your business profile. This helps you connect quickly with customers who use Google Maps and Google Search. We can help you utilize this service to see more organic leads and more patients.

When a person searches for a local service, they see the top three results, along with a Google Map and any GMB information. It’s essential to be using both efficiently, and AMP can assist with it all!

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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How AMP Outranks Other Dental Companies

AMP might be called a consulting service, but we’re so much more than your dental coach. When you hire us, you get help with all aspects of your business, and this includes local online marketing tactics.

We know what works, so we focus on doing that for you. That includes using SEO effectively throughout the website. However, we also focus on local citations, which is where your business information is mentioned elsewhere on the internet. This can be on different apps and websites, in business directories, and through social media platforms. When you team up with AMP, we ensure that all these points are covered so that you excel and can grow your practice with new patients.

Linkbuilding is something else we work with you on, which ensures that you have inbound links to your page and outbound links from your site. This also promotes you, though indirectly.

Why Focus on Local Marketing

When you put the focus on local marketing for your dental practice, you can reach potential clients who already want your services and are in your general location. Though it depends on how many other dental practices are in the same city, you want to be a top choice among them all.

We realize it can be a little confusing, but AMP is here to help. In fact, we can take care of all your marketing needs so that people can find you. This also means that we’re going to update your website (or create one for you), streamline it, and focus on appropriate keywords. That way, everything is ready to go. Then, it’s easier for Google to find you and put your information out there in the top spot.

SEO and Keywords

Search engine optimization is confusing, but it’s necessary. Ultimately, it means focusing on the right keywords and adding them to your site in strategic places. When someone searches for those terms, your information is on the first page of the results. We do that a few ways:

Keyword Tracking

Before we can do much more, we need to figure out which keywords the competition uses and what is pertinent to your dental practice. From there, we are going to add those terms to your landing pages and other web pages. There’s a specific formula, and we make sure that those words are strategically placed based on various factors.

Once all that’s done, we focus on keyword tracking. This is where we measure the success of each term. If one does better than another, we may use it more often or drop the one that offers no benefit.

SEO Everywhere

Most people stop with the website, but that’s not a good idea. You can use SEO in all areas of marketing. For example, you should have social media posts with particular keywords, and you should update those accounts frequently. That way, everyone knows that you’ve got an online presence and stay active with it.

SEO can also be used for content that you create for your site and elsewhere. With AMP, you have everything you need. We are the top contenders when it comes to figuring out what you require and getting it done for you. That way, you can focus on other aspects of your practice.

Website Performance Metrics and Analytics

You’re probably wondering why you should believe us. The good news is you don’t have to take us at our word. We offer proof that what we’re doing is working for you, whether you’re hoping to draw more clients into the office or are focused on figuring out what’s wrong with the practice.

When we start working on your dental office marketing, we have various metrics in place. These measure the success of our efforts, and we show that to you in easy-to-understand formats. That way, you know exactly what’s going on and how we’re delivering on our promises. Though it can take time for things to start progressing, we’re transparent and honest with you each step of the way.

Local Dental Marketing FAQs

It’s not easy to decide who should help with your local dental practice online marketing tactics. AMP is here for you, and these FAQs should ensure that you understand more about marketing and what we do. Peruse the answers, or call to ask us anything.
Q: Why Should You Focus on Local Marketing for Your Practice?
A: Using online local marketing for your dental practice is essential if you want to attract more clients. These people live in your area and may decide that your practice is a better choice than the competition. Also, they are searching already for dental services, so you’re seen as a top contender. Though it isn’t the only thing you should do, local marketing is a great tool, and AMP can help!
Q: What Is Local Dental Practice Marketing?
A: Local dental practice marketing targets your audience for the town or region in which you work. It focuses your marketing efforts on people who live within a specific area and already require your services right now or in the future. Typically, it’s the best choice for marketing a dental practice because it puts your information out there when someone searches for dental services.
Q: Are There Any Drawbacks with Local Marketing?
A: Really, there aren’t too many drawbacks of using local marketing tactics. However, you may see a huge influx of new patients and might have trouble fitting them all in at once. Usually, these are logistical, but AMP is here to guide you through it all. Since we also consult and coach you, everything else is streamlined and ready to go when you get more patients.
Q: Should My Practice Only Use Local Marketing Tactics?
A: Most of your marketing budget should be spent on local marketing strategies because that’s where you’re going to see the most results. However, there are other options out there, and we focus on all of them. That way, you’ve got a well-rounded strategy that works for you now and can scale with you as you grow.

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Is Your Online Presence Falling Behind the Competition?

Are you worried that the competition is going to outpace you? It happens all the time in dental practices, but there are ways to beat your competitors and come out on top. Local dental practice online marketing is the most effective way to go about things.

With it, you’re going to show up in local search results on Google, which means people interested in dental services see your information first. Though it’s hard to do it all yourself, AMP is here to help.

When you call us for a Growth Call, you’re going to learn how we can benefit you. Our dental coaching services span many areas of your business, and marketing is just one of them. Now is the time to put your practice in the hands of a trusted professional; AMP is ready to help you!