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Everyone needs a little help, and business owners can’t do everything themselves. If you find managing all aspects of the practice yourself a bit overwhelming, then AMP may be the solution you've been looking for.
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Though it’s up to you to streamline the processes and make things go smoothly, you also have to delegate. It’s essential for you to have team members who can step up and take on more responsibility. That way, you aren’t pushed to the limit, and the practice doesn’t suffer.

However, dental practice management comes in many forms. You may hire a manager to oversee everything, but things can still slip through the cracks. AMP helps you manage everything more effectively so that the employees aren’t overwhelmed, and you have personal time.

For most dentists, it’s impossible to know where to start or how to measure the success of their current situation. We offer dental consulting to ensure that your management systems are in place. That can entail many things, but our overall goal is to make your life easier, simplify the processes, and ensure that you grow and expand. Let’s learn a bit more about dental practice management and its benefits

Advantages of Dental Practice Management

A manager is often the glue that holds the entire practice together. You probably have someone with that title already, but it’s more than that. Your dental office manager focuses more on the daily routines and making sure it’s a well-oiled ship.

However, what might happen if the manager was doing the wrong things and didn’t know it? This frequently happens in dental offices, and it’s not your fault or the manager. The problem is that you may be using processes and systems that no longer work for you. That can be an issue, but we’re here to help you. With our dental practice management services, we make sure that you’re doing everything right.

This may mean us analyzing your processes and systems. From there, we’re going to offer advice so that you know what needs to be improved. We even take it a step farther and give you tips and methods on how to make changes. The entire team has to be involved and onboard because we’re going to talk to them and figure out what everyone should be doing.

Prior Experience

AMP is full of people who have prior dental office experience. Many of our team members were dentists at one time. They chose to move on to consulting because they wanted to improve things for dentists everywhere.

While we also have managerial experience, we know that running a dental office is much more complicated. You’ve got specific and unique issues to face, and it’s easier to handle it all with us at your side.

We’ve seen billing errors, know sterilization methods, and keep updated with the latest technologies. That way, we can offer our experience to you and help you succeed.

Knowledge of the Dental Industry

On top of being dentists ourselves, we have extensive knowledge of the dental industry as a whole. You are responsible for your own financial reports. Plus, you have to schedule patients efficiently, and focus on dental practice training for your employees.

When you’ve got the right processes in place, everything is automated and streamlined. That way, you can focus more on the daily needs of the office and explain things to your employees more efficiently.

Since we already have a dentistry background, we can help you focus on areas of improvement. With that, you’re going to find that insurance claims, billing, HR, and all the rest come together and are easier to handle. We also focus on trends to help you continue growing and expanding where the competition can’t.

Focus on You

Dental practice management should focus on you and the office as a whole. We need to understand where your employees are, what they like, and where improvements could be made. That way, we get a full peek into your daily routines and can make changes or offer advice on what to fix.

Since we’re focused on your needs, your treatment plan is going to be customized for your specific practice. Each dental office is different, and we take that into account. You get quality services that are going to help you now and in the future.

Improvement Methods

It’s not enough for you to know what has to be improved on. You’re a busy person, and you don’t have time to research this and that to come up with a plan of attack. Instead, you hire AMP to take care of all that for you. When we give you a report, it shows the metrics, which help us, and you see where improvements must be made.

From there, we advise you on different methods to use. This can change throughout the months and years based on your finances, mindset, and so much more. It’s a complete process, so it isn’t going to be done in a day. However, this investment is worth it because you’re going to come out ahead of the competition. Also, you have a better understanding of the right processes and how to tell when an issue arises. From there, you also have an indication of what to do to fix it.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Why Select AMP to Manage Your Dental Office?

Dental practice management includes many things. AMP is full of professionals who understand what works and understand how to fix those issues. When you hire us, you know that you’re going to have someone working beside you. We don’t print out a basic report we found online, hand it to you, and never contact you again. That isn’t the right way to do anything!

Instead, we get down to the nitty-gritty to find out what your practice does right currently. From there, we can figure out what improvements have to be made. This also means talking to the employees and focusing on changing their attitudes so that they want something more from their job.

When that happens, real growth can occur, both in the practice and individually. Everyone feels confident that they know what to do, have appropriate training, and can be more productive.

Finding and Using the Right Tools

In the beginning, we’re probably going to focus more on ways to manage your practice efficiently and changing things so that everything is streamlined. However, once those processes are in place, we can help you find the right management software tools to use.

It’s going to help with scheduling, patient communication, and insurance processing. In a sense, it becomes your manager, and he or she is tasked with using the software effectively. Every practice needs help filing and creating appointments. These are some of the things you can automate and have on hand for when you need them most. With our help, you’re going to figure out what you require and what’s going to work best for your situation. Plus, the right management software makes your employee’s lives easier!

Streamline Everything

What does streamline mean? Ultimately, for dental practices, it indicates that each area of the business runs smoothly. To do that requires multiple tools, and with AMP as your dental practice manager, you’re going to get going quickly and grow to become more successful than you are now.

Focus on the Patients

You should be focusing on your patients, but that also requires you to wear many hats. To be effective, the employees must be trained to do their job, you’ve got to make billing a more pleasant experience, and you’ve got to consider marketing.

Dental office marketing is essential to bring about brand awareness and get people to notice you. This comes in many forms, but social media is at the top of the list. With our assistance, you can bring in new clients and focus on their treatments and needs.

Have the Right Talent

No dental practice can succeed without the right talented employees. You may not have an effective hiring method, and we can help you fix that. On top of it all, you could have the best staff in the world, but they can’t be efficient if they don’t have appropriate dental practice training.

Everyone needs to do things the same way so that there’s automation and everything’s streamlined. This also means each employee knows what to do and what is expected of them. When you hire us to help you, it’s easier to find and keep the best talent in the dental industry.

When to Outsource Dental Practice Management

Outsourcing means that you hire someone else to do a specific task. If you aren’t succeeding or even floundering, now is the time to consider an outside dental practice manager. AMP can help you figure out what to do, offering tips and advice along the way on how to implement change. You’re going to find out what areas to improve on and the best ways to do it.

When we manage your dental practice, we don’t take the job of someone else. Instead, we’re there to help and assist wherever we can. Often, this starts with updating your systems and processes, teaching people how to use the software, and helping you with marketing tactics. From there the sky's the limit. We’re always available to talk, and you can customize your package to meet your specific needs.

Practice Management FAQs

AMP understands that you’ve got many concerns and questions. This is a difficult time, and you’re trying to figure out if we’re worth the investment. Other clients have asked these things, so we’re including them as FAQs to help you figure out what your next move should be.
Q: What Is Dental Practice Management?
A: Dental practice management can include so many things. We might just consult with you to help you figure out what to do next. For others, we take over the management of your practice until you can find the right in-office manager. The goal for us is to do what you need until you can do it on your own, and that’s what a good dental practice manager offers.
Q: What Do Dental Practice Managers/Consultants Do?
A: As your dental practice manager, we are responsible for smoothing out the processes of running the business. This means we might schedule meetings, find out what employees like/dislike, figure out better dental practice training methods, and help with dental office marketing. Your practice is unique, and we focus on what you require and how to help you grow.
Q: What Can Make a Dental Practice More Successful?
A: Typically, successful dental practices focus on the minute details. You should make sure you’re providing a great patient experience, motivating your employees, and making life easier for everyone. This includes using the right software, offering training, and marketing yourself effectively. We can help with all aspects and are right by your side through it all.
Q: Why Hire AMP for Dental Practice Management?
A: There are countless reasons to hire AMP. We focus on changing the mindset of everyone so that they want to improve and be more productive. From there, we also consider the systems and processes in place and work to implement change. We’ve had huge success with past clients and can do the same for you.

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Have you noticed that your dental practice isn’t running smoothly? It happens to a lot of dentists, and it can cause significant problems. However, you don’t have to slowly watch your practice die. In fact, there are many ways you can fix those issues and achieve growth and success.

It all comes down to who you work with, and AMP is a top choice. With our dental practice management services, you’re going to streamline everything and focus on what really matters. We take the brunt of it and help you find solutions to your unique problems. Please call us today to talk to someone about your concerns and find out what we can do to help. It’s a process, but this investment is going to help you now and far into the future.