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AMP is here to help you with your dental patient growth needs. Our team of experts has been in the dental industry for years, and we keep up with the changing trends to help you find more patients.
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As a dentist and a dental practice owner, you have to do many things. The top of the list is acquiring new patients. The first step is to build a clientele of people who need teeth cleanings and checkups. Once you’ve done that, though, things can stagnate a bit. Each patient needs two visits a year. However, if you have a small list of patients, you may run out of things to do in between cleanings.

You can’t rely solely on dental emergencies, so it’s best to get more patients into the office for routine service. That way, you’ve got a revolving patient list that you see each year and can keep up with the latest technologies and trends.

How do you do that, though? Most dentists find that they put advertisements out and rarely see new patient flow, so they worry they aren’t doing it right. Typically, this is a half-truth. You are doing the right things, but they may not be in the right order.

How AMP Helps You

There are many ways to see more dental patient growth, and it all comes down to dental office marketing. However, you may not realize just how many ways you can promote your practice. In fact, most dentists don’t understand this until they work with us.

You’re sure to find that we provide ideas you never considered, and we are with you through each step. This means you can talk to us about what you want to do and figure out ways to achieve your goals. Ultimately, we advise you on the different methods available to you. Often, that includes using multiple advertising methods. Though it can be confusing at first, much of the process can be automated when you know what to do.

We’re here to ensure that you’re using the right strategies and platforms to get your messages to others. That way, you’ve got a better chance of bringing in new patients. Plus, if you can get more organic traffic to your site with quality leads, you spend less and reap all the benefits.


Word of mouth is still the top marketing technique. Therefore, when you see a patient, remind them to tell their friends if they were satisfied. Though Google has all the information you could ever want, most people use it for research and talk to others to get ideas, too.

When someone asks your patient about their dentist, they are going to give them good information because you provide comprehensive care. Then, that potential client is going to research you online and may choose you over the other dental offices in the area. It’s really a beautiful thing!

Digital Marketing and SEO

Your website is your lifeline. If you don’t have one, AMP can work with you to set one up. Dentists who already have a website may want to update it for SEO purposes. Search engine optimization uses strategically-placed keywords throughout the site. When people search for those terms, your website shows up in the results. It’s not just about keywords, though. You also need quality content and other things.

From there, you are going to focus heavily on digital marketing to promote your site. You also need a social media account and strategies to use it effectively for marketing. 

AMP will be there to help you setup and manage all aspects of your online marketing!

Local Partnerships

You can also use local partnerships to your advantage. Though other dental practices aren’t going to promote your services (conflict of interest), you can work with other businesses in the area. Grocery stores and retail shops may put up signage or have cards out about your practice.

Often, you promote the other business, too. This means that you are both helping each other get new customers. While there can be many different features and options available, it’s a great way to be part of the community and get new patients. Plus, you’re helping another struggling business, too!

Website/Online Presence

Typically, most dental practice owners fall short of their online presence. This includes the website, social media, and online advertising. It’s tricky to figure out where to start, but thankfully AMP will guide you through the entire process.

Since your goal is to create more dental patient growth in your facility, it’s better to have a company design your website that specializes in the dental industry. AMP has the right skills and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. That can save you time and energy, but it also means that you are out there and get noticed more quickly.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Can AMP Really Drive New Patient Growth?

Yes! AMP can help you drive new patient growth if you take our advice and work with us.

You’ve got to make a good first impression with your potential clients. However, with the internet, this now happens before they talk to anyone at the office. Therefore, your website and social media platforms have to be good enough for them to want to use your services.

The site must be relevant and look modern and updated. Plus, it needs to be responsive, so it fits on any screen (even smartphones).

Once they see your site and are interested, you’ve got to make the appointment-setting process easy. Have an online setup where they can input details and request a specific time-frame. Also, you need to use dental practice training to ensure that the employees know how to answer the phone and make appointments. A friendly greeting goes a long way!

Improve the Patient Experience

We’re also going to help you look at the patient experience. What happens when someone calls for an appointment? They should be greeted, and everything should run smoothly. Once they arrive for service, they require a pleasant experience. The patient could be nervous or downright scared, so you’ve got to be focused on their needs.

Even the billing aspect needs to go smoothly. No one wants to pay their bill, but there are ways that you can make it more pleasant. We help you focus on all of these aspects to ensure dental patient growth happens, and it all goes smoothly. However, this could mean something different for you than another practice. Therefore, we also customize your treatment plan to ensure that you see the results you want.

Quality Matters

Another thing you should focus on is getting quality leads. If you’re floundering, you may think that any patient is good enough. However, some of the prospects you find aren’t going to get you anywhere. This means you’re wasting time and money, and AMP can prevent that.

Search for New Patients

Our primary search is for you to get new dental patients. Therefore, the focus is going to be on great landing pages and unique messages. That’s going to attract new patients to you, regardless of the device they use. AMP can help you choose the right lead generation company with cost-effective solutions that work.

We also use other methods and strategies to help with emergency dental leads, walk-ins, and specialty services if you offer them. It’s a well-rounded approach to your lead generation needs so that you have people who already want your services.

Effective Lead Acquisition

It’s true that those in big metropolitan areas don’t hurt for patients, but if you’re in a smaller city, you may find it hard to get qualified patient leads. This means those people are already interested in choosing a dentist.

You need an online presence and brand awareness, but it can cost a lot to do that. AMP can help you find cost-effective solutions, such as using Facebook Ads, posting on directory service websites, and much more. What we advise is based on your budget and current needs, so it’s tailored for your dental practice and no one else’s.

Advantages of Patient Growth

When you attract more patients to the practice, you’re going to see many benefits. You may decide to offer more dental treatment options, which brings in more people. The biggest advantage is you’re going to make more money. This can be beneficial for many reasons.

For example, if you make more, you can give raises to the employees. That’s going to make them work harder and be more satisfied with their job. They stay with you, and you don’t have to find new talent.

With more cash flow at your disposal, you can upgrade your office equipment. This pertains to the front office and the tools of the trade. Ultimately, that means more comfort for the patient, streamlined services, and more productivity.

Patient Growth FAQs

We’re sure that you’re on board with patient growth and gaining new clients. However, you’ve got questions and wonder if AMP is the right choice. These FAQs are sure to explain our abilities and provide more insight to help you with your decision.
Q: Does AMP Help Dental Practices Acquire New Patients?
A: Yes! AMP can help your practice gain new patients. However, we do it indirectly. You aren’t sure where to start. We can advise you on how to get your website running, finding a social media manager, and how to advertise effectively using the internet. With us by your side, you’re going to see a slow increase in patients to expand your practice.
Q: Do I Need a Website Overhaul?
A: Once you hire AMP, we can help you decide if your website is good enough as it is. We are likely going to recommend that you modernize it, make it responsive, and add more content. Plus, we’re going to focus heavily on SEO and keyword placement. That way, you see organic search results and save money while advertising yourself effectively.
Q: Where Is the Best Place to Get Leads?
A: Most of your leads are going to come organically from your website. That’s the beauty of online marketing. However, there are lead generation companies that can help you. AMP is here to assist wherever it’s necessary. That means we can recommend various businesses and get you where you need to be so that patient growth doesn’t overwhelm you and your employees. It’s a process, and one that we’re very familiar with, so we can help you!
Q: How Is AMP Different?
A: AMP is a dental consulting company, but we focus on every aspect of your business. As your dental coach, we help you with the front office, processes, and everything else. Part of that is dental patient growth, which happens through dental office marketing. Our methods don’t just focus on a quick fix; we’re here for the long run to help you get everything in order to expand gradually and organically.

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AMP Will Help Grow Your New Patient Rate

Have you found that you don’t have a lot of patients? Many dentists find that patient retention is easier than gaining new patients, but it’s also impossible to do without a loyal fan base.

AMP is here to help you grow your patient list and have more people to treat. That way, you make more money, have a full day of work, and can send those benefits on to your employees. It’s a challenge to know what to do, but we’re here to advise you and help.

The first step is to focus on your website and make it responsive and SEO-oriented. Then, you can work on strategies for dental office marketing. These are the two top options, but we also advise you on other ways to improve, such as the patient’s experience and streamlining the processes. Let us help you get on track and see more dental patient growth in the office.