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Is your dental practice growing and expanding? Unfortunately the answer is no for many dentists. While there are many reasons that your office might not be faring well, AMP is ready to put you back on track.
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While many patients put off oral care due to financial concerns, the biggest reason that dental practices fail is that the dentist doesn’t know how to run it effectively. You know how to check teeth and do procedures, but the business aspect isn’t something you’re good at or know much about. Dental consulting is a great way to give you insight into what you should do and how to achieve your goals.

AMP focuses on all aspects of your practice. While you may be more worried about retaining employees (and dental practice training can help), you could be ignoring dentist marketing altogether. If that happens, you can’t get new business because no one knows you’re there or available.

We’re there to ensure that you focus on each area of your business. With an analysis of your current situation, we can advise you on ways to improve. Though it’s a process, you’re sure to see results if you’re open to change and embrace it.

Reasons to Hire a Dental Consultant

Dental consultants are experts in the industry. Often, they begin as dentists themselves and continue advancing their skills. From there, they realize that they can be more beneficial and teach other dentists what they’ve learned. Oral health is important for everyone, but dentists are everywhere. The dental consultant does more than take care of a person’s teeth. They want to improve the art of dentistry as a whole and do so through consulting.

Before you hire a dental consultant, you want to know how they’re going to benefit you. There are many reasons to hire AMP, and we’ve taken the time to list them for you. That way, you don’t have to wonder and spend precious time trying to justify the investment you make with us.

Most of the time, it boils down to motivating you and the team to promote change. However, that means embracing it and having the right tools for it. We offer many services, and you can customize your package to meet your needs. That way, you have focus and understand what to do.

External Perspective

It’s always good to have another eye to analyze things. In dentistry, there’s plenty to do to run your practice well. Sometimes, you’re so focused on one thing that you can’t figure out the underlying issues in business.

Your dental consultant offers an outside perspective and is unbiased. They can show you the direction you’re going and how to find cracks and loopholes within your system. That way, you can improve what you’re doing, make those changes, and have a successful practice that expands and grows. Whether you’re new or have been at the same facility for a while, we’re here to assist.

Reinforcement of Dental Culture

The culture of your organization can and does determine its success. When you have a united front, the company is sure to thrive. This applies to dental practices and everything else. The dentist is there to be a manager and leader, but they’re also a clinician to help their practice grow and succeed.

However, you also have employees to run the ship and delegate tasks to so that you’re not overwhelmed. At times, people can become confused about what to do or when. Therefore, you should hire a dental consultant to help reinforce a positive attitude and culture within the practice. That way, the entire workforce has energy and synergy. Everyone’s working toward the goals in place for the practice, which reflects to the patients and everyone else.

Prevent Stagnation

Hiring a dental coach is essential if you want to prevent stagnation in the practice. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job; there’s a lot involved to run a business. Yes, you must give the patients the best treatment, but there are various other factors, too. You may be using outdated processes or practices, and a dental consultant can ensure that you get actionable insights and tips for ways to revive the practice so that it succeeds. AMP helps you choose the right management techniques, dental practice training, dental office marketing, administrative services, and financial plans.

Motivate and Expand the Practice

Have you noticed that the employees seem to go through the motions without any real heart? This happens in most practices, and it stems from being unmotivated. You may even have those same feelings at times where you don’t want to go to work or deal with anything.

Though it’s normal, it can severely hurt the practice if it’s allowed to continue for long. AMP can help you gain more energy and boost morale for everyone at the facility. When that happens, the employees aren’t just there to do a job. They become part of the team, which gives them purpose and makes them want to be more productive. In a sense, they want to see the practice thrive because it directly benefits them.

When we are there, we’re an outside presence, so we can see what the team needs. As your dental practice consultant, we build more momentum toward positive changes so that stronger relationships are forged.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Why AMP is the Right Dental Consultant for You

You need someone on your side to help you gain insight into what’s working and what isn’t. Though this is a scary process, it’s necessary if real change is going to happen. Ultimately, you know right now that something has to give, or you’re going to flounder. If that happens, the team is broken up, the practice fails, and you’re no longer providing service to the community.

Since no one wants that to happen, it’s best to call AMP right now. We’re different from other consultants because we actively focus on your business and needs. You’re unique, and we treat you that way. This means that we wait to give you a treatment plan until we know what you do and what’s working. That analysis is essential so that we can offer helpful insights that are going to benefit you and your practice.

How a Dental Consultant Can Help Your Office

A dental practice consultant is there to assist with anything relating to running your business. However, with AMP, you can choose the services you want or need most. Ultimately, you might focus more on training or marketing and then realize that there are other aspects to work on and improve.

We customize our packages based on what you require. Dental consulting isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. Ultimately, we know that you are unique and have different issues and problems. We take all that into account, help you focus on goals, implement them, and then continue on with new objectives so that the dental practice is always flourishing. That requires different methods and processes, and we’re with you each step of the way.

When to Hire a Dental Consultant

Should you hire a dental practice consultant? Only you can answer that, and it must be honest and straightforward. In most cases, it’s going to benefit you to use dental consulting. Here are just a few of the reasons why dentists turn to AMP:

Losing Employees/Low Morale

If you notice that you’re losing employees, it definitely means that something is wrong. Though it could be that they weren’t a good fit, another probable cause is not having the right dental practice training.

When the team doesn’t know what to do, it lowers morale. From there, employees often start looking for new employment opportunities. They want to feel needed and appreciated, and it usually begins with the right training. Motivation is also important, and we can help you figure out the best way to do it all. That way, everyone’s happier and wants to stay.

Losing Patients

Another big issue dentists have is that they lose patients or can’t get new ones into the office. Dental consulting can help with this problem, and AMP often focuses on dental office marketing. You’ve got to be online and establish a presence, but you also have to learn the ins and outs of advertising.

We’re right there with you to focus on what’s working and how to improve your marketing efforts. With that, you’re sure to get more people in the office and keep your current clients. Though it’s a process, we’re with you each step of the way.

How to Choose the Right Dental Consultant

If you talk to another dentist, they are sure to tell you that a dental coach works. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many of them out there. However, you need the right dental consultant on your side. To achieve that, the professionals have to be willing to hold in-office visits, listen to you, analyze your situation, and offer a customized treatment plan that meets your current and future needs.

The dental consultant has to be easy to call on when you have concerns, and they should also talk to the employees. Everyone needs to know that they matter, and their voice counts.

AMP does all that and much more. We don’t give you a one-size-fits-all solution because you have unique needs.

Dental Consulting FAQs

Since you’re here, you know that there are improvements to be made somewhere. Something isn’t going right, and you’re not sure what to do about it. However, you may still have questions about dental consulting, and we’re here to answer them with the below FAQs:
Q: Does AMP Come to My Dental Office?
A: Yes, AMP is likely to come to your office and see things in action. It’s the only way we can fully understand what you’re doing and form an opinion on what improvements should be made. We may ask to talk to the employees and are going to have meetings with you, too. However, we’re always professional and courteous and aren’t going to overstep our bounds. In a sense, we’re watching from the sidelines to get a better idea of what goes on.
Q: How Does the Program Work?
A: There are various steps for our program, such as analyzing, goal setting, implementation, and systems/processes. However, we walk you through each one so that you’re not overwhelmed. We understand that you’ve got concerns, but we’re always there for you. Instead of taking the backseat, we’re right at the forefront to find solutions and promote healthy and positive change throughout the practice.
Q: Do I Really Need a Dental Consultant?
A: Yes, we believe that every dentist can benefit from hiring a dental practice consultant. There are always areas of the business that you can improve on. Now is the time to take charge, embrace change, and grow/expand your practice so that you can help more clients and be a positive within your community.
Q: What If I’m Not Satisfied With the Results?
A: We’re not like the other dental consultants out there. That means we don’t hand you a pile of documents and tell you to change all that without direction. Instead, we focus on your practice, find out what it needs, and help you set and achieve goals that are within your limits right now. With that, you start growing and expanding, and the process continues so that you’re continuously doing better.

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Want to Grow Your New Patient Flow?

If you’re feeling a bit stagnant and don’t have new patients coming in, it’s time to make some changes. This is a scary prospect, but you don’t have to do it alone. AMP is here to offer dental consulting so that you understand what areas to improve on and how to go about it.

Our team offers a one-on-one approach and tailors your treatment plan to your specific needs. While this takes more time, it is the best way to achieve your goals. Hiring a dental practice consultant is in your best interest, and it’s an investment into newer and better things.

Please call AMP today and talk to a friendly representative. We can get you started and help you figure out what package is right for you. When you trust us, you are working with professionals that care and have the experience you need to succeed and grow.