A professionally developed course that provides business owners with the tools to identify and implement healthy mental habits. Learn how to generate a steady steady flow of new dental patients.
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Learn How to Focus on Healthy Mind Habits

In this virtual course, you’re going to learn how to become an effective practice owner, identify challenges, break patterns and take immediate action by implementing result-driven systems and processes.

Control Mindset

Learn how to control your mindset effectively during these rapid changes

Business Reinvention

Build a plan during this down time to re-invent how you do business

Help Your Team

Keep your team calm using key tools to communicate and educate


Put the new strategies and procedures to work in your dental office

Virtual Reinvention Course

Professionally Developed - $10,000 VALUE!

Recover. Reset. Restore. Reinvent.

Course Breakdown and Bonus!

This Virtual Course provides videos specific to helping your dental practice right now. Videos that will walk you through this process and downloads to help guide you through all the questions you may have on how to come out on top.
Our innovative course focuses on the Psychology of Change is broken up into the following 8 topics. We’re confident with the feedback from our existing clients that this a helpful road map and we are quite certain you will feel the same way too.
  • Dental Practice Analysis
  • Virtual Reinvention Magazine
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Customer Feedback

Dr. Erik Ballou

We are several hundred thousand dollars ahead of where we usually are. We’ve improved the way we’ve done almost everything. Our stress levels have gone down a whole lot and people are excited to work again.

Dr. Melissa Jones

It’s really improved our practice. The one on one you get with your coach has really boosted my confidence as well as the teams. We have patients that are accepting treatment left and right. The practice is definitely going in the right direction and we couldn’t have done it without our coach and AMP. We are very very pleased.

Dr. Marc Di Benedetto

Prior to AMP coming in. One word… Failing 

The first 3 months of my AMP experience I saw immediate, crazy, wonderful results. I can’t imagine it not working for anyone else. Don’t wait as long as I did to do it. 
After AMP. One word… Succeeding