Virtual Reinvention Course

Virtual online course $10,000 VALUE! Now $299
  • Maximize Cashflow

    Manage the schedule for the first month so you can do nearly DOUBLE what you did prior in production

  • Control Your Mindset

    Learn how to control your mindset during these rapid changes

  • Reinvent Your Business

    Build a plan during this down time to re-invent how you do business

  • Help Your Team

    Help your team stay calm by using key tools to communicate and educate them

Course Break down and Bonus!

CR 1: Creating a Successful Road Map

 Navigating this time efficiently will dictate the next 10 years of business.

CR 2: Accessing Continued Education

Guided videos used to educate you and your team through the entire process.

CR 3: Exploring Financial Resources

Understanding all of your financial options from employee salaries to grants and loans.

CR 4: Personalized Coaching Calls

One on one, continued support till for you and your team members.

This Virtual Course provides videos specific to COVID-19 and businesses right now. Videos that will walk you through this process and downloads to help guide you through all the questions you may have on how to come out on top. We’re confident with the feedback from our existing clients that this a good road map and am quite certain you will feel the same way too.

We are offering this for you at our production costs in an effort to help you out.  This would normally be something priced around $10,000 but right now you can get it all for $299.

COVID-19 has shaken business owners worldwide. All of us business owners have some level of anxiety right now about our businesses.  What we have for you here is not only a road map to survive these crazy times but how to come back stronger and never have to repeat this again.


  • Practice Analysis
  • Practice Growth Documents
  • COVID-19 Magazine Download


  • Hygiene Library Unlocked
  • Case Acceptance Library Unlocked
  • Cashflow Library Unlocked
  • Marketing Library Unlocked


  • Data Analysis
  • Financial Resources
  • Attorney / CPA Insight
  • Retirement Planning / Funding


  • Additional Coaching Calls
  • Virtual Team Communication
  • Personal and Professional Plan