Hygiene is the golden temple to case acceptance in every practice! A lot of offices out there don’t realize the gold mine that lies within the hygiene program. Think about it, the first person the patient sees and develops a real relationship with is the hygienist, the first person to gain the patients trust, is the hygienist.

Using this to your advantage can increase almost every area of your practice including referrals, case acceptance, a full schedule, etc. Hygiene is the hidden gem that should be utilized on a regular basis.


This specific area of coaching focuses on building a solid hygiene program that results in a better experience for the patient and staff members. Implementing the systems and processes your coach provides for you will show IMMEDIATE results in this area of your practice if the team plays full out.

Coaching the hygiene staff on increasing recall, growing the periodontal program, keeping a full schedule and the hygiene handoff will be all the difference in utilizing this gem in a way that will benefit everyone in the practice.


    AMP Coach in office along side you and the team, while patients are being seen. Resulting in real life coaching content rather than classroom.


    Full access to AMP shows including but, not limited to, specific hygiene content


    The team is offered the option of attending any scheduled AMP Kick Off Event.


    Weekly communication with your coach via email, phone, text and a scheduled hyper-focused 15 minute weekly call.

Concerns in Hygiene Programs:

Holes in the hygiene schedule
Hygiene Production

Regardless of which of those 2 scenarios you have, the solution will be creating more value for what you do in hygiene as a team.  I can assure you it ISN’T that your employees don’t know what they’re doing.  Normally it is quite the contrary.  They need guidance and permission to do what they are trained to do.  In an ideal well run hygiene practice, close to 40% of your production should come from your hygiene team.

Imagine that, 40% of your income coming from patients you don’t even work on!!!  That is called leveraging your team effectively and what will shock you is they will find their jobs more fullfilling.  Everyone wins!  If you have any concerns about your hygiene team, schedule a free consult so we can help you see what it really could be.