The face of any business is always the first person you see on the other side of that door. In dentistry the face of any practice is the front office, the front office is the communication hub for a successful experience for patients. The experience the front office provides patients through the span of their lifetime is a staple, if the face of the company is too focused on the transaction rather than the experience. The practice suffers a loss.


The carefully selected coach that will be working with your practice in the front office will focus on a handful of different challenges over a span of 6 months. They’ll coach the front office staff on how to effectively and consistently fill the holes in the schedule while decreasing patient AR, outstanding insurance and decrease the impact the PPO has on your practice.

While working with the team on these areas if there are other challenges that come up, your coach without hesitation will assist in setting systems and processes in place to implement.


    AMP Coach in office along side you and the team, while patients are being seen. Resulting in real life coaching content rather than classroom.


    Full access to AMP Shows including but, not limited to, specific front office content


    The team is offered the option of attending any scheduled AMP Kick Off Event.


    Weekly communication with your coach via email, phone, text and a scheduled hyper-focused 15 minute weekly call.

We teach “macro-management,” meaning ask your team to get things done and have them report to you the results vs you chasing them. 

For example, there are some reports you should look at daily, weekly and monthly.  These should be brought to you and explained to you.  You as the owner shouldn’t have to dig for answers.  Much like your assistant hands you an instrument in anticipation of you needing it and oriented in the correct fashion, your front office team should do the same.  We will install a system for all to follow that will provide you with predictable and repeatable results around all topics front office oriented.  

So the only question really is, what is holding you back?