Darren Kaberna’s Keynote masters patient psychology and case acceptance, these topics has never been more essential than it is now in 2020

Darren Kaberna’s keynote walks the line of business and psychology with a hyper focus that can’t be escaped. Bringing audience stories to the forefront that result in break throughs and create lasting change in personal and professional areas of their lives.
Providing audiences with thought provoking content, tools and a complete understanding of the psychology in patients and team members.
One of the challenges often heard from people attending seminars or keynotes is that not enough implementation takes place when they return to their practice.  One of Darren’s biggest strengths as a speaker is to leave his audience with simple actionable items.
In addition to that, all of his presentations are very interactive with the crowd and packed with high energy.  What this results in for you the meeting planner are people who see results and walk out buzzing about what they just learned.
Providing an entire day of content to an audience, Darren leaves the room feeling empowered, motivated and reaching for more. With insight from the audience Darren focus’s on personal growth and breakthrough. We cannot move forward with understanding others if we ourselves do not breakthrough.

There are three areas of business as it relates to dentistry that need to be perfected in order to run a successful practice. These three areas are covered in Kaberna’s keynote; Case Acceptance, Team Building and Patient Psychology will lead practices to discover the hidden opportunities right under their noses.

Case Acceptance | Mind Blowing Presentations

  • 3 Keys to Success
  • 5 C’s to Case Acceptance
  • Gain knowledge of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Analyze patients charts to understand their “why”. Pinpoint what is important to them.
  • Learn the effectiveness of the morning huddle. Understand the success that comes with an effective start to the day.

Team Building | Rise Up vs Show Up

  • Overcome Team Challenges
  • TRIAD of Behavior Change
  • Cross Training team members
  • Identify the thorn(s) in the dental practice
  • Differentiate between the two types of team members and the roles they play in the success of the practice.
  • Discuss the important of cross training team members

Growth Hack | Decoding Patient Behavior

  • Patient Decision Making
  • Consumer Psychology
  • The Power of Role Play
  • Analyze and Dissect the power of distraction and the impact it has on patient relationships.
  • Identify the two reasons patients make decisions

What People Are Saying

“This is by far the most amazing course I’ve been to on practice growth and management. The advice is so much more down to earth than anything else that I’ve seen.”

“Darren’s grasp of the dental practice, community and business exceeds all expectations. One little pearl from him alone can result in over $150k per year additional gross income.”


“We have learned so much and our team has been rocking it since then and it has only been two or three weeks! Very very happy AMP’D!!!”