Do you find some of your patients telling you that they want to wait until their insurance renews? Or they can’t do this right now because they have an upcoming vacation? If  we’re all being honest, this happens more than we’d like. If we’re really being honest how many of us do the same sort of thing to someone else?

Meaning we are all consumers with limited funds and make decisions about how to prioritize our spending. Sadly too many Americans have become brainwashed that their insurance companies are more trustworthy than you, which most of the time isn’t true.

Once we understand patient/consumer psychology and how they make decisions, we can speak their language. Right now most of us are speaking “Dental” when we should be speaking “Consumerism”.


What we do with Case Acceptance coaching is teach, show and model how to speak to patients differently. Using this simple tool will yield results in the first day of implementation. If your practice is like most, you will schedule more dentistry on your first day with us in the office than you ever thought possible. Not only will we coach you on how to fill your schedule, we will show you and your team how to get patients to co-diagnose, decrease the insurance influence, gain cash patients and increase the doctors confidence!

We know this to be true because we have all heard a patient say that they can’t afford to do something because….

If by contrast they really wanted to invest in their oral health, would they put off the newest iPhone upgrade to get it? Hopefully at least once in a practices’ life an unexpected patient has come in and gotten a big cosmetic case. We will coach doctors on how to get more big cases accepted regularly.