Not all dental practices are seeking in office coaching visits. Rather some of them are seeking  guidance for practice growth and some fine tuning. One of our biggest philosophies at AMP is that everyone should be given the opportunity to grow. No two practices are the same, therefore we offer a variety of ways AMP can help practices overcome their challenges.

For offices that aren’t seeking the visits, but are looking for spring cleaning, we offer weekly phone coaching with an hand picked AMP coach for as long as you need to about specific challenges in your practice.


This package is a month to month commitment.

The ONLY expectation AMP has of you when purchasing this is to commit to the calls and play full out. These coaching calls are 15 to 30 minutes once a week and are hyper-focused. AMP is here to help you grow and without direct understanding, expectations, accountability and focus that will not happen.


    AMP’s seminars are the catalyst for creating motivation and inspiration. Kick off this journey the right way!


    Full access to all topics in AMP TV archives for four weeks.


    Weekly communication with your coach via email, phone, text and a scheduled hyper-focused 15 minute weekly call.

With hyper focused calls, you can not only save a lot of time but get shocking results.  Have you ever been to a course with a lot of fluff and not clear direction, this would be the exact opposite.  You will have very precise actionable items at the conclusion of each call.  Then the next week, that call will build upon the previous weeks call. 

This step by step process of walking through your practice over the phone offers a low cost method to get tremendous results.  Try it for a month to see.  If the results don’t shock you, stop.  Clearly we are in this for the long run of a raving fan client, not just a one month client, so it puts the pressure on us to perform.  Here is the real question, are you up for it?