The A to Z Marketing Program

6 Months of Online Marketing Training that will Increase Web Presence and attract New Patients

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In the A to Z Program, You’ll learn:

Website Performance

  • Monthly and Daily Traffic
  • Actions taken on your website
  • Average Time spent per visit
  • Bounce rate

Social Media Networking

  • Facebook Demographics
  • Local Promotions
  • Social Strategy

Keyword/Website Ranking

  • Google Report for Keywords on your site
  • Organic Search Content
  • Content indexed by Google

We’ll provide you with a Free Website Analysis Report that will show you just how well your website is doing and where area’s of improvement are.

The Importance of a good web presence

Understanding Your Website

Case Study: Looking deeper into Websites

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Access to AMP TV for 6 months!

Weekly, online TV show featuring dental industry experts

3 Customized Coaching Calls!

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Access to AMP Document Library

50+ documents that include interviewing, case presentation scripts, guidelines, embezzlement, etc.