Indianapolis, IN on February 6th – *Location Details to be provided by January 31st, 2019

The AMP team travels all over the United States visiting offices, attending conferences, hosting seminars, providing training to practices, team members and partners.

This time we’re coming to talk Case Acceptance! 

President & Founder Darren Kaberna and Vice President Barbara Maddy will be in Indianapolis, IN on February 6th providing CE to Dental Practices in the surrounding areas.

Darren Kaberna

President & CEO

Barbara Maddy

Vice President & Head Coach

For 2 hours Darren Kaberna and Barbara Maddy will teach you and your team 3 Simple Things that can be implemented the minute you leave the room! We GUARANTEE a 15% increase in Case Acceptance.

Case Acceptance

  • Understand Consumer Behavior and The Impact it has on your Dental Practice
  • Increase Acceptance on Big cases
  • Get Yes Patients
  • Close the Funnel


  • Reactivate Patients
  • Generate New Patients
  • Increase Acceptance on Perio Cases
  • Hygiene Handoff


  • Understand the Cashflow of your Practice
  • Prevent AR issues
  • Improve Phone Skills & Bring Value to Patients
  • No shows & Cancellations