“I will admit that I was hesitant to say the least. I’ve been through these things before, and this time it would require me to commit a significant chunk of change, and as most dentists have realized, it simply does not grow on trees.

After attending a one-day live event, that I can only describe as life changing, it was time to bring the coaches in for some hands on experience in our office. By the end of the first week I had an additional $35,000 in the bank! The staff and I were amazed at the results. With the first day of on-site coaching, I’m still left wondering how this was possible!”

Dr. Alfred Marquez

“I am really enjoying dentistry even more now because of the great team that our AMP Coach helped us put together. Now, more than ever I am confident in presenting treatment plans to my patients, and the case acceptance rate is definitely going up. I would love to tell others how the AMP team has helped my practice turn around and become a fun, profitable place to work.”

Dr. Stephen Cho

“It’s really improved our practice. The one on one you get with your coach has really boosted my confidence as well as the teams. We have patients that are accepting treatment left and right. The practice is definitely going in the right direction and we couldn’t have done it without our coach and AMP. We are very very pleased.”

Dr. Melissa Jones

“As far as my attitude towards dentistry goes it’s changed. It’s back to when I first started. I’ve got this fire back and i’m looking forward to working on patients again”

Dr. Aoto

“We are several hundred thousand dollars ahead of where we usually are. We’ve improved the way we’ve done almost everything. Our stress levels have gone down a whole lot and people are excited to work again.”

Dr. Erik Ballou

“After spending a year and a half working with Darren and his team, it has radically changed me, my team and my practice. We have accomplished more in 18 months than I thought we could do in 5 years. Our numbers almost doubled in a year.What I found most encouraging about AMP, was the fact that it was more like hiring another employee rather than hiring a dreaded consultant. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!”

Dr. Eric Etheridge

“We’ve had amazing results, we have grown over $20,000 per month since starting with AMP! My advice to others is to not wait, just join and let AMP help you!!!!!!”

Dr. Hal & Linda Lee

“Do you want to change your production, your lifestyle, your hygiene program? Do you want to have more fun, a lot more fun? Do you want to be more relaxed? All of these things happen when you work with AMP! My confidence has gone through the roof. I have highest regard for AMP! I think the world of everything they have done for me.”

Dr. McQuitty

“First AMP help increase my monthly production by 20%, then the next month another higher 20%. Reaching the highest production in one month so far in 23 years in my practice. But more than that, AMP helped all my staff improve themselves through their unique approach. Thanks for the partnership.

Dr. Fisher

“Been through consultants before, a lot of them like to do it in the classroom they don’t necessarily come into the office… I really like how AMP has systems, they know the numbers, they’re looking for results and they are here at the office talking to the staff, getting to know the staff, building relationships and I could see things changing immediately within the office. We’ve really throughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next weeks as we continue on our journey.”

Dr. Isaacson