The New Standard: Dental Management Coaching

No two dental practices are the same the dental coaching service you choose, shouldn’t treat them that way.

AMP is the ONLY dental coaching service in the nation with customization on specific dental practice challenges. We are able to develop a specific, customized treatment plan for each individual office. Allowing the doctor to successfully display their goals and vision while tackling and overcoming challenges that may be in their way.

This free analysis and coaching call will open your eyes to hidden opportunity in your practice.

Monthly In Office Coaching Days

AMP Coach will be in office along side you and the team. This is real life coaching content, not classroom.

Coaching Calls

Weekly hyper focused communication

Continued Education

Full access to the AMP Vault full of digital content.

Catalyst Seminars

Motivation and Inspiration
  • Full Service Coaching

    AMP’s full service coaching program focuses on EVERY area of your business. Developing a customized treatment plan for hygiene, case acceptance, cashflow, front office, team buy in, etc. Implementing the systems and processes AMP provides has been proven to have your practice sky rocket.

  • A La Carte

    Hyper focused 6 month customized coaching programs (Case Acceptance, Hygiene, Front Office & Phone Coaching) built specifically to grow area’s of the practice. Once we understand patient/consumer psychology, the hidden gem, transactions vs. experience and growth we begin to reach our highest potential.

  • Marketing

    • Website Development – Designed for SEO and Lead Generation
    • SEO – Generate Online Visitors from Organic Listings
    • Social Media Networking – Facebook Engagement and Growth
    • Paid Online Advertising – Unlimited Traffic with SEO and Demographic Targeting

Eliminate debt, quickly. Have a dramatic increase in revenue with cash and existing patients, Minimize the stress around the practice by knowing it’s consistently producing the most it can!

We coach you on how to fill your schedule, show you and your team how to get patients to co-diagnose, decrease the insurance influence, gain cash patients and individual confidence!

“Do you want to change your production, your lifestyle, your hygiene program? Do you want to have more fun, a lot more fun? Do you want to be more relaxed? All of these things happen when you work with AMP! My confidence has gone through the roof. I have highest regard for AMP! I think the world of everything they have done for me.”

– Dr. McQuitty