AMP offers custom coaching packages for each client. Our FREE practice analysis provides doctors with an overview of hidden opportunities in the practice, where the ball is being dropped. This practice analysis is very similar to a treatment plan we might present to a patient. This information provides us with a general outline on area’s we can really improve the overall health of your practice.

With this information and an in-depth conversation with the doctor, we are able to mold any of our services into the needs of your practice. Whether that means a more in depth program where we spend time with every area of your practice, or maybe it is a hyper focused program.

The first step is that practice analysis. Hit the button below to schedule and we can get started!

There are NO limitations to AMP’s custom coaching packages. Front office, case acceptance, back office, leadership, personal development, you name it and we can build it. Below are ONLY two examples of what a custom package may look like.

15 in office visits

Focus on all areas of the practice

Improve case acceptance

Keep the schedule full

Gain cash patients

Decrease stress and improve profits

Weekly coaching calls

6 in office visits

Work ONLY with the front office team

Train new office manager

Fill holes in the schedule

Decrease patient AR and OI

Decrease or eliminate the PPO

Weekly Coaching call with front office staff and doctor