Join the journey of personal growth and sky rocket your potential. This all day event leaves audiences nationwide with a treatment plan specific for their personal and professional lives.

Learn how to dig deep and identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This is a chance for us to put you and your team in the right mindset. Establishing the right mindset is essential for success, but by no means does it end there. AMP continues to bring an approach dentistry has been waiting for. One that provides continued support throughout the entire relationships, rather than handing a binder and a few things to implement and calling it a day.

AMP provides state of the art coaching that begins the second you set foot in the room of this event.

February 7th, 2020
7:30am – 4:30pm
Breakfast Items and Lunch Provided
Bring a jacket or sweater the room will be chilly


Entrepreneur and Enthusiast

Wanting to make a bigger impact on the lives of others, Darren Kaberna took his MBA and developed the best business practices in the dental industry. With 20 combined years in the industry Darren is impacting the lives of both doctors, business owners and their staff all over the country, not only by improving businesses but by helping people achieve their dreams.

Financial Freedom

Gain knowledge around business and personal finances.
Leave with a plan for retirement and complete financial freedom.

Strong Mindset

Mastering the psychology and mindset leads to a massive increase in performance, acceptance and team buy in.

Personal Growth

Personal distractions cost the average business $100K in lost productivity every year. Develop methods to change distractions.

Dr. Melissa Jones

“It’s really improved our practice. The one on one you get with your coach has really boosted my confidence as well as the teams. We have patients that are accepting treatment left and right. The practice is definitely going in the right direction and we couldn’t have done it without our coach and AMP. We are very very pleased.”

Dr. Erik Ballou

“We are several hundred thousand dollars ahead of where we usually are. We’ve improved the way we’ve done almost everything. Our stress levels have gone down a whole lot and people are excited to work again.”

Dr. Brunmeier

“It does not matter what type of practice you have, a one doctor low tech practice or a multi group super tech practice. People understand better, when it is explained the AMP way. Better understanding leads to more case acceptance, which in turn leads to more profitability and practice growth.”