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The AMP Vault is a continued education portal for those in the dental industry both team members and doctors who are looking to go from basic to outstanding! Implementation is what makes a practice remarkable. Reinforcement is what keeps a practice outstanding. Implement NOTHING, NOTHING will change.

For you to truly accelerate your practice, it will take more than one day. This is where many other courses and seminars fall short. Without continued support, it can be tough.

The AMP Vault is host to Practice Metrics, AMP TV, and a Library of Documents.

Metrics will allow you to track the progress you’ve made during your time with AMP. Month over month you’ll see your exact practice numbers in, net production, collections and new patients. These metrics are tracked monthly and set up to stop tracking at the end of your time spent with AMP.

AMP TV provides the team with 4 years of content on topics such as cashflow, case acceptance, PPO, No shows and cancellations, front office, hygiene, etc. Anything you can think of is on this channel. Simply type in what you’re looking for and everything related to that topic will pop up.

Document Library & Resources is the place to be! Documents ranging from scripts, financial templates and ad’s for job listings can be found here. We find this to be very helpful for practices looking to continue grow and better themselves and team mates. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it.

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Seattle, WA

That is why we offer our clients AMP TV: our weekly, online TV show featuring our dental coaches. The goal of AMP TV is to reinforce what you already learned as well as introducing you to new topics and provide you with additional dental coaching. Combined with personal 1-on-1 in-office consultations, it’s what separates AMP from any other consulting company out there. AMP TV includes many topics from mindset, personal and professional growth, team challenges and even interviews with people like Alex Nudel from Revenue Well, Todd Ehrlich, DDS from Digital Enamel, Brett Wilson from Digital Doc and more!


When you sign up for an AMP Dental Seminar, you will automatically receive one year of weekly training through The AMP Vault.

Medicaid and the PPO is eating my lunch!

How to deal with No Shows & Cancellations

Medicaid and the PPO is eating my lunch!