Unlike most other programs, we believe that to be truly successful in implementing our processes and achieving your goals, you need continued support.

As business owners, we’re all in favor of increased profits, but sometimes a busy schedule and the stresses of work can make reaching the necessary goals seem too hard to accomplish. That’s why we offer our clients the tools to remain focused and consistent.

AMP teaches everyone in the practice to be accountable to change.  If we did our job regarding their psychology, they will be open to accountability. If you desire lasting change, this is where the rubber meets the road, ACCOUNTABILITY. To make that easier we break the steps into small bite size pieces that are easy to implement. We then support this with weekly live broadcast TV shows to help reinforce what we are teaching when onsite coaching your team. The intent is this creates an attitude of constant growth and development. This is where you get LASTING RESULTS.

AMP believes that practices don’t have a knowledge problem, they have an implementation problem.  How often have you attended some awesome training only to go home, have life get in the way and next thing you know the knowledge is sitting on a shelf?  So many people say that knowledge is power and AMP believes it is only potential power.  Without action it is useless.  Action is the key to everything in life!!