The second key ingredient to our style of Dental Coaching is Systems and Processes.  Once you’ve got your mind right, we can actually take steps to accelerate your practice. To help you attain your goals and continue down the path to success, we focus on simple, implementable goals rather than complicated solutions. By breaking big issues into smaller pieces, we make it possible for you to implement comprehensive solutions easily. This ensures that the answers to your problems don’t overwhelm you and end up on a shelf collecting dust.

You may not see a connection between your practice and brand giants like Apple and Nordstrom, but we’ll teach you how to translate success through the lens of companies at that level. (Hint: it’s about discretionary spending!) When implemented, we know that your practice can grow by $50K–$100. We’re confident in the training we provide because we have proven it’s success with many practices across the country.

Imagine implementing NLP and CBT into your practice on a daily basis. From marketing to how you answer the phones, greet a patient, do an exam, present treatment, ask for payment, etc. What would happen to the effectiveness of every one of those steps?


Ask yourself, do you run your practice or does it run you? The key to long-term sustainable results is having a good system. Right down to having a system to anticipate changes in the marketplace. Have you stopped to notice and actually see the patterns of your business? Have you developed systems that if implemented correctly will anticipate the next move?

AMP’s Dental Coaching is designed to address the specific needs and issues of your dental practice. We take the excitement and ideas from our dental seminars and bring them into your office to ensure that you can make the most of what you’ve learned, months and even years later.

Take a step back, talk to a coach today to start implementing.