Since 2011, our mission has been to provide customized coaching strategies and cutting edge business solutions to all of our clients. Accelerate My Practice has identified the three problems that prevent most businesses from achieving success and has created a roadmap leading to lasting change.

As a result, AMP is the ONLY dental coaching company in the nation with customization on specific dental practice challenges. AMP is able to develop a specific, customized treatment plan for each individual office. Allowing the doctor to successfully display their goals and vision while tackling and overcoming challenges that may be in their way.

Every Practice is unique, giving doctors the ability to customize an approach that focus’s on specific office challenges is, in our eyes, the only way to provide dental coaching. Many courses fail to capitalize on and maintain the motivation you feel at the end of a session; within a few weeks—or even days—the excitement and the information begins to fade.

Typically the binder goes on the shelf and you’ve fallen back into your old habits. As we see it, those other programs offer a one part solution to a three-part problem. While the informational value may be there, they fail to provide you with continued education, training and support.

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The AMP Approach

Accelerate My Practice has identified the three problems that prevent most dental offices form achieving success. For that reason, AMP created a three-step process that does more than provide you with a one-time training. Certainly, AMP addresses your problems, from beginning to end.

Similarly, doctors are the quarterback for a large treatment plan, from when the patient has that first consult to when the patient is taking their “after” picture, AMP is with you the entire way. Our in-office visits have demonstrated success beyond measure.

Our team is compiled of over 120 yrs of experience in the dental industry. Coaches aren’t randomly selected for practices based off of size, experience or location. Our coaches are chosen specifically for each practice, we chose the coach based off of the needs of our clients. AMP’s leadership team dissects the vision and the goal of each client and chooses a coach that best fits!