Darren Kaberna walks the line of business and psychology with a hyper focus that can’t be escaped. Bringing audience stories to the forefront that result in break throughs and create lasting change in personal and professional areas of their lives. Providing audiences with thought provoking content, tools and a complete understanding of the psychology behind clients and team members. Darren leaves the room feeling empowered, motivated and reaching for more.


Darren Kaberna will provide an entire day of content to an audience, providing lasting change. The morning portion of the day will be spent on understanding the goals of the audience while providing education around the psychology of clients. With insight from the audience Darren focus’s on personal growth and breakthrough. We cannot move forward with understanding others if we ourselves do not breakthrough.

There are three areas of business as it relates to dentistry that need to be perfected in order to run a successful practice. These three areas of Case Acceptance, Team Building and Patient Psychology will lead practices to discover the hidden opportunities in their very own practices.

50% Team Development & Patient Psychology
50% Business of Dentistry & Create a Plan of Action



Vice President, Barbara Maddy joins Darren Kaberna in a half day event, speaking on one main area that challenges the company. Is it client engagement, cashflow, team building or a more specific area such as sales training, department focus, morale, and more.


This is a 30 minute phone intensive with AMP President, Darren Kaberna. Once a month for 6 months Darren will be speaking to the company on continued progress, growth and challenges that are being faced. The goal here is to provide continued coaching to the company leaders on challenges.